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Infrared Cameras
Also Known as Thermography, or Thermal Imaging Cameras

The use of Thermography, or Thermal Imaging, has increased dramatically with commercial and industrial applications over the past 20 years. Maintenance technicians use thermography to locate overheating power lines or data cables, which are a sign of impending failure. Building construction technicians use thermal images to indicate heat leaks in faulty thermal insulation and can use the results to improve the efficiency of heating and air-conditioning units.

Thermal imaging has also been a great tool to help homeowners save money, especially now that energy rates are on the rise. Heat loss and/or cold air influx can be detected and corrective actions can be taken to help improve the energy efficiency of residential and commercial structures. Thermal Cameras can be used to inspect electrical panels and receptacles on commercial and residential buildings to detect issues before there is a costly outage. Thermal imaging can detect hot spots in the electrical system not visible to the naked eye which may be a precursor to a larger issue.

Advantages of thermography

  • Displays a visual picture so temperatures can be compared over a large area
  • Thermal Cameras are capable of catching moving targets in real time
  • Thermography is able to find higher temperature components as a measure of reliability prior to failure
  • Thermal Imaging can be used to measure or observe in inaccessible or hazardous areas
  • Infrared and Thermal Imaging is a non-destructive and non-invasive test method
  • It can be used to find leaks and heat loss, electrical inspection, locate radiant pipes or wires, mechanical bearing inspection, and much more.

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FLIR i-Series Infrared Thermal Cameras CorDEX TC7000 Intrinsically Safe Thermal Imaging Camera FLIR e-Series Infrared Thermal Cameras
Our Price: $16,995.00
FLIR i-Series Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera CorDEX TC7000 Intrinsically Safe Thermal Imaging Camera FLIR e-Series Thermal Imaging Camera
FLIR i-Seires Compact InfraRed Cameras
Point-and-Shoot, Lightweight Thermal Imaging Camera with 60 x 60, 100 x 100 and 140 x 140 IR Resolution.
  •  8-14μm 320x240 LW camera
  •  Onboard memory
  •  135 articulating lens
  •  RFID scanner
  •  3.2 full color display
  •  Removable battery pack
  •  Voice comment & playback
  •  USB download connection
  •  Remote firmware updates
  •  Intelligent database software
Compact Infrared Cameras with On-board Visual Camera, Wi-Fi Connectivity, P-i-P and Bright LED Light
Up to 320 x 240 IR Resolution, Measures Temperature to 1202F (650C)
FLIR Ebx-Series Infrared Thermal Cameras FLIR T-Series Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras CDX-IW Series Infrared Window - IW3000 & IW4000
Our Price: $199.00
FLIR Ebx-Series Thermal Imaging Camera FLIR T-Series Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras
Compact Infrared Cameras with On-board Visual Camera, Wi-Fi Connectivity, P-i-P and Bright LED Light
Water Damage Water leak on ceiling, wall, and roof top. Insulation Energy Loss, Home Inspection, and HVAC
Introducing the New FLIR T-Series with MSX
The Most Flexible, Innovative and Highest Quality Professional-Grade Handheld Thermal Cameras
The IW Series is the latest generation of Intelligent IR Windows from CorDEX Instruments. The IW Series infrared window operates with any thermal imager, helping take electrical inspection and predictive maintenance to a new level of safety, efficiency and accuracy.
  • The IW Series are fully certified and tested to the following standards: UL50, UL50V, UL1558
  • Manufactured from industrial grade materials proven to withstand electric arcs
  • Efficient 1/4 turn locking system
  • Intelligent multiple identification system for each individual window
FLIR Infrared Inspection Windows Flir Ex-Series Compact Infrared Camera with MSX
FLIR Infrared Inspection Windows FLIR E4, E5, E6, E8 with MSX® Enhancement.
FLIR IR Windows offer a solution to help reduce exposure so you can perform scans safely, more efficiently, and confidently that comply with NFPA 70E requirements.

Choose from 3 sizes - 2" 3" 4" Windows available to suit your application
Compact Infrared Camera with MSX
FLIR E4, E5, E6, E8 with MSX Enhancement. Lightweight Thermal Imaging Camera with up to 320 x 240 IR Resolution
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