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Tachometer Sensors
(Optical Sensors, Proximity Sensors, Infrared Sensors, Magnetic Sensors)

Tachometers and Speed Transmitters require a permanently mounted speed sensors that observe a target on the machines rotating shaft. Several types of sensors are available including Proximity, Hall Effect (magnetic), Optical and Laser. Permanently mounted systems usually use a Proximity or Hall Effect type sensor. Laser and Optical Sensors are more suited for portable equipment and special applications. Optical Sensors work well with “Reflective Tape” as a target on the shaft but are not recommended for permanent installation as the sensor may become dirty over time or the tape may come loose.

To create the “speed pulse” required by the Tachometer to calculate RPM either a Proximity or Hall Effect Sensor is mounted to observe a Keyway or Speed Gear Wheel mounted on the machines rotating shaft. While Keyways generally create a once per turn pulse speed gears may produce 10, 30, 60 or 100 pulses (teeth) per revolution. For highly accurate and low speed readings a Speed Gear with multiple pulses per revolution is preferred. For balancing a “once per turn” pulse is preferred.

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Monarch Instrument Smart-Laser Speed Sensor Monarch Instrument Optical Sensors Monarch Instrument Proximity Sensors
Our Price: $1,275.00
150,000 RPM Remote Optical Sensor for Tachometer Proximity Sensor for Tachometer
Laser speed sensor provides a TTL pulse output for vibration data collection, portable balancing or data acquisition
  • Completely self-powered and contained everything in one small package
  • On-Target indicator
  • Smart auto gain provides best performance in picking up target reflection
  • Manual sensitivity knob provides dynamic fine tuning of sensor response
  • 1/4 - 20 UNC mount for tripod
  • TTL pulse output with signal inverter switch
  • RS-232 output can provide ASCII information to a PC
  • External DC power or re-chargeable internal battery
1-250,000 RPM. The most versatile and popular sensors we make. The ROS-W (tinned wire termination) and ROS-P (1/8" phone plug termination) are threaded stainless steel remote optical sensors with a visible red LED light source. All these sensors have the "on-target" green LED indicator.
1-60,000 RPM. The P5-11 is a rugged industrial 2 wire probe style inductive sensor. It can be used 0.2 inches from a 0.5 inch metallic target such as a bolt head or shaft locking key.
Monarch Instrument Magnetic Sensors Monarch Instrument SPSR-115/230 Self Powered Optical Speed Sensor with Universal Power Supply Monarch Instrument Infrared Sensors
Our Price: $395.00
Monarch Instrument Magnetic Sensors 99,000 RPM Proximity Sensor for Tachometer
1-99,999 RPM. Self-powered gear sensor. M-190W and M190P are very popular magnetic sensors commonly used with 60 tooth 20 pitch gears. The sensors mount with 0.005 inches (0.127mm) of a 0.1 inch (2.5mm) target. These sensors require no power from our display modules as they self-generate an AC signal.
Optical self powered sensor kit provides a TTL pulse output for data collection - 110/230 VAC
  • Available Feb. 2007
  • Completely self-powered
  • Measure rotational speed at rates up to 99,000 RPM from up to 3 feet away
  • Easily Swap Sensors via phono jack
  • Provides TTL signals (positive 0-5V or negative 5-0V) through a BNC cable
  • Pulse width is determined by the size of the target
  • 7 hour Ni-Cad batteries
  • Includes the SPSR-115/230 Interface Module, ROS-P Optical Sensor, Charger and Reflective Tape
1-999,990 RPM. Both the IRS-P and IRS-W are proven to be reliable high speed sensors. With a working range of 12 to 25 mm from very high speed equipment or an application providing contrasting light and dark surfaces.
Monarch Instrument SPSR-IM Self Powered Sensor Interface Module and Optional Sensors CMCP3070A Intrinsically Safe Magnetic Speed Sensor Monarch Instrument Compact Smart Laser Sensor (CSLS)
Our Price: $255.00
Our Price: $800.00
Our Price: $799.00
Battery Powered Transmitter Monarch Instrument Compact Smart Laser Sensor (CSLS)
Interface module powers various sensors and outputs a TTL pulse for data collection
  • Available Feb. 2007
  • Completely self-powered
  • Optical, magnetic, and infrared sensors available
  • Easily swap sensors via phono jack
  • Provides TTL signals (positive 0-5V or negative 5-0V) through a BNC cable
  • Pulse width is determined by the size of the target
  • 7 hour Ni-Cad batteries or use external power
  • RoHS compliant and CE approved
  • Includes 110230 Vac power supply / charger
This sensor is specifically engineered for use in gas, oil and petrochemical industry applications. It is an explosion-proof design and UL approved for Class I - Group A,B,C,D hazardous locations. Class II - Group E,F and G The Compact Smart Laser Sensor (CSLS) is a self contained optical sensor intended to be used to make non-contact speed measurements from rotating targets at distances up to 65 feet (19.8 m).
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