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iLearn Vibration Training Software
iLearn Vibration Training Software
Series of products designed to help you become a better vibration analyst
  • Teaches you what you need to know; helps you gain the necessary experience; and help diagnose faults
  • Available is two programs - Standard and Professional

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MOB-VIBE-STANDARD iLearn Vibration Standard Training Software [01 User License]
MOB-VIBE-STAND-NET5 iLearn Vibration Standard Training Software [05 User License]
MOB-VIBE-STAND-NET10 iLearn Vibration Standard Training Software [10 User License]
MOB-VIBE-PROF iLearn Vibration Professional Training Software [01 User License]
MOB-VIBE-PROF-NET5 iLearn Vibration Professional Training Software [05 User License]
MOB-VIBE-PROF-NET10 iLearn Vibration Professional Training Software [10 User License]
MOB-VIBE-INTERPRETER iLearn Vibration Interpreter Training Software
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iLearn Vibration is a series of products designed to help you become a better vibration analyst

  • Teaches you what you need to know; helps you gain the necessary experience; and help diagnose faults
  • Available is two programs - Standard and Professional
    • iLearnVibration [Standard] includes the interactive vibration training, the Reference Center and the new iLearnCertification module
    • iLearnVibration [Professional] adds the case histories (50 virtual machines), the virtual test rig, the signal generator/demonstrator, the machine modeler, and alarm simulator.
  • Also available in an Instructor package
  • Optional iLearn Vibration [Interpreter] helps analyze spectra
    • Drag and drop from most popular systems
    • Reveals hidden patterns and offers diagnostic suggestions
    • Includes the Model Maker program, but not any of the previously mentioned programs

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iLearn Interactive is a series of products designed to teach you about condition monitoring, vibration analysis and alignment. We believe that interaction and continued stimulation are the keys to success when learning a new or difficult subject. And our range of products will continually motivate and entertain you.

Download iLearnVibration Data Sheet

iLearnVibration [Standard]

  • Includes the vibration training, the Reference Center and the new iLearnCertification module
  • This product combination is ideal if:
    • Your budget is limited
    • If you only desire training and reference, but no diagnostic assistance, instructor tools, or the modules that help you gain experience
  • Training when and where you need it
  • Refresher training (when you forget what you learned in class)
  • Fully narrated - you don't have to read a thing
  • Simulation programs make it easier to understand (and more interesting)

Vibration Training

Everyone needs training, and everyone needs a reference for refresher training. The majority of our customers use the training module over and over again, often referring to the system once per week, or even more frequently.

Vibration analysis is a very effective method for detecting machine faults and diagnosing the nature and severity of the fault - but there sure is a lot to know. From where to place the sensor to what "sidebands" mean, there are hundreds of special terms, techniques and concepts to understand. Fortunately, our product covers the topics you need, and it presents the material in a very effective manner.

You don't have to read a thing. Just sit back and watch while the training system moves from slide to slide, reading the material to you. Throughout the material there are 3D animations, and excellent simulation/demonstrator programs that make the information very easy to understand (and more interesting to learn). Our training will help you improve your measurement, analysis and diagnostic skills.

Reference Center

  • Quick access to vital information
  • Type in a question in "plain English" and jump to the training
  • Search a tree of common faults and common patterns

Sometimes you need information - quickly. Maybe there is a pattern in a spectrum that you don't recognize. Maybe you are not sure how to perform a special test with your data collector. The list of possibilities is endless. The Reference Center can help you to answer those questions.

You can type a question, for example, "What does soft foot mean?" and you will be taken to the training that answers the question. You can also view a tree of all the common fault conditions (for example: imbalance, misalignment, broken rotor bars, etc.) and fault patterns (for example: high 1X, 1X and harmonics, 2X, etc.) and get a quick description, with links to the training. The Reference Center is the essential resource.


  • Great preparation for official certification
  • Test the people on your team to see what they know
  • Use our standard tests, or design your own

iLearnCertification is designed to help you become self-certified. A person can sit a Vibration Technician, Vibration Level I and Vibration Level II test. These tests can be self-imposed, or an employee can choose to monitor the test for in-house certification. This module is also helpful for the person planning to sit ASNT, or some other certification exam.

These tests are not affiliated with ASNT, ISO, Vibration Institute, or any other organization - they simply allow you to set up an in-house certification process, and they will help you to prepare for the abovementioned exams. (The combination of our training and these tests has helped numerous people achieve their desired level of certification). A Mobius "Certificate of Achievement" is awarded to people who pass the tests.

iLearnVibration [Professional]

  • iLearnVibration Professional adds four integrated modules to the iLearnVibration [Standard] package.
  • These modules help you:
    • Gain measurement and analysis experience
    • Understand machine frequencies
    • Understand your data collector functions

This is our most commonly ordered package. Note: iLearnVibration is an integrated software program. When you order iLearnVibration [Standard] the application has a single tab to access the training. When you order iLearnVibration [Professional] you have five tabs, to access the training and four new modules, described below. This package was previously called iLearnEverything.

Case Histories

  • Learn with real data from real machines
  • Historical data shows how the fault developed - how the patterns changed
  • Live data is just like being there
  • Study the vibration patterns with our software or your analysis software

The only way to become experienced and confident with vibration analysis is to try it yourself. You need to view historical data so that you can see first-hand how the vibration patterns change as faults develop. You also need access to real "live" vibration data, straight from the machine. The case histories module provides a library of fifty machines with historical and live vibration readings, complete with reports and pictures. You can analyze the vibration graphs in our software, or you can "play" them into your data collector, and analyze them with your own system.

Virtual Test Rig

  • Study imbalance, misalignment and a range of other fault conditions
  • Study the vibration patterns with our software or your analysis software

Another way to gain some measurement and analysis experience is with our "virtual" test rig (also known as a fault demonstrator). We have set it out of balance, we misaligned the gears, we installed bad bearings, and much more, and then recorded vibration at a number of points on the rig, in three axes.

All you do is select the fault condition, select the test point and axis, and the data is yours. You can analyze the vibration on screen, or play it into your data collector. Imagine, a test rig that can be set up in seconds, with great data every time - and no skinned knuckles!

Signal Demonstrator

To ensure that you are using your data collector properly, and to help you perform special diagnostic tests, it is important to understand "signals" and "data processing".

By turning a couple of knobs, you can build signals and study the waveform and spectrum. And via the tutorial panels, you can easily study more complex issues like modulation and beating, and data processing tools like windowing, resolution and averaging. You can do it all on the Signals tab.

These topics are all covered in the training, but there is nothing like having free access to the tools to experiment by yourself.

Machine Modeler and Alarm Demonstrator

One of the keys to spectrum analysis is understanding the relationship between the machine and the peaks you see in the spectrum. We have created a machine modeler - you simply drag-and-drop the machine icons and build the machine. The frequencies are calculated and the vibration is simulated.

You can then experiment with band alarms and envelope (mask) alarms in order to better understand how they work (and their limitations) - and to see how they should be designed for a more complex machine.

iLearnVibration [Interpreter]

Who said being a vibration analyst was easy? There sure is a lot to know. iLearnVibration can give you the (refresher) training and help you practice your new skills. But at the end of the day, you are in the hot seat - it is up to you to view a spectrum, find the patterns, and interpret what they mean. Your job depends on it... iLearnVibration [Interpreter] can help.

It reads the spectrum directly from the computer screen (it supports RBMWare, Odyssey, Machine Analyst, ASCENT, ExpertALERT, OMNITREND, and other packages), it reveals the hidden patterns, and offers diagnostic suggestions (with detailed explanations, including animations and sample spectra).

You don't have to use it on every spectrum; just the spectra that are tough to analyze, or where you think a fault condition may exist (but you can't solve it).

Using Interpreter is easy:

  1. View the spectrum in your analysis software as usual.
  2. Drag the Interpreter "helping-hand" icon from the system tray to the graph.
  3. Markers will appear to indicate where harmonic or sideband patterns have been found.
  4. One or more suggestions for each pattern is given (misalignment, looseness, etc.)
  5. An explanation is provided for each suggestion.
  6. If you own the iLearnVibration training, it can be opened at the topic that describes that fault condition.

You can go a lot further with Interpreter. You can build machine models, recall bearings from a database (to check frequencies), overlay forcing frequency labels, and more. Interpreter is very powerful, but you can keep it very simple too.

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