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Adash VA5 PRO Multifunction Analyzer/Data CAdash VA5 PRO Multifunction Analyzer/Data Collectorollector
Adash VA5 PRO Multifunction Analyzer/Data Collector

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A4500 VA5 Pro

The Latest & Fastest 4-Channel Vibration Analyzer

Explore the most powerful Vibration Analyzer on the market.
Use multitasking tool in order to analyse your machinery.
Balancer, Thermal imaging camera, Ultrasound, Bump test, ODS, MCSA – you name it…

Measure 4 vibration signals and 4 process values (temperature, pressure etc.) along with speed synchronously. Triaxial sensor friendly, proximity probes for displacement measurement, ultrasound microphone, acoustic microphone, thermal imaging camera, current clamp meter, stethoscope and more.

Analyse your data on site and enjoy the big screen size for playing with variable cursors, bearing fault frequencies indication and FFTs in cascade. Touchscreen and keyboard is at your service whenever you need it.

Built-in Modules

  1. Analyzer
  2. Route
  3. Run Up
  4. Recorder
  5. Balancer
  6. FASIT (Expert System)
  7. Stethoscope
  8. Lubri
  9. Octave Analysis
  10. Bump Test
  11. ADS (Operating Deflection Shapes)
  12. Ultrasound
  13. Camera
  14. Picture Gallery
  15. IR Camera

Comparison of Acquisition Time – Adash and Conventional Analyser

Technical Specifications

Input channels:
4 x AC, ICPฎ power supply on/off
4 x DC for process values
1 x TACHO for speed probe/external trigger
Input range:
AC +/- 12 V peak-peak
DC +/- 24V
AD conversion:
24 bit, 64 bit internal signal processing
No AutoGain function!
Dynamic range S/N:
120 dB
Frequency ranges:
Maximum range: 1 Hz – 90 kHz (1 Ch, 194 kHz sampling)
Maximum range: 1 Hz – 25 kHz (4 Ch, 64 kHz sampling)
Minimum range: 1 Hz – 25 Hz (4 Ch, 64 Hz sampling)
Sampling mode:
Fully simultaneous for 4 channels
FFT resolution:
Min. 100 lines
Max. 3 276 800 lines
Unit modes:
Data collector – route measurements
Balancer – 1 and 2 plane on site balancing
Run up – run up and coast down measurements
Recorder – raw signal recording for later post analysis
Stethoscope – listening of the bearing/machine noise
FASIT – expert system for automatic fault detection
Octave analyzer – audible sound measurements
Bump test – measurement of natural frequencies
ADS – Animated Deflection Shapes (Operating deflection shapes)
Ultrasound – measurement of ultrasound in 30 – 50 kHz range
Camera – 5MP, 2592ื1944 px resolution
IR Camera – 384ื288 px resolution; NETD sensitivity 50mK
Gallery – Storage for picture, IR image, screenshots

Color 1125 x 800 pixels, LCD
Intel Atom 1.9 GHz
Memory, Route:
64 GB, max. 16 GB for one route, number of routes is limited by free
memory only
Data processing:
Real time FFT
ACMT – low speed bearing analysis
Order analysis
User band pass analysis
RPM measurement
DC measurement
Orbit measurement
Raw signal recorder:
64 kHz sampling frequency
4 Ch memory consumption 3 GB/hour
4 Ch total recording – 20 hours
Manual, External, Signal level, Time
Use for signal recording trigger
Speed change, Time interval
USB 3.0, 2.0 compatible
Operating temperature range:
-10˚C to +50˚C
Battery 8 hours of operation, AC 100-230 V
Aluminium heavy duty
Size & Weight:
295 x 230 x 49 mm, 2000grams

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