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DigivibeMX M20 Vibration Analyzer and Data Collector
DigivibeMX M20 Vibration Analyzer and Data Collector
Our Price: $4,495.00

Product Code: EI-DIGIVIBEMX-M20

 photo DVMX_M30_zpsad31905d.png

The DigivibeMX M20 is the Vibration Analyzer with more functions in the market. It is built with an intuitive interface and designed also for the most demanding users. From simple Vibration analysis to complex 3D ODS vibration simulations, DigivibeMX M20 is the best tool for predictive analysis and diagnosis for your machinery.

ODS Simulations

DigivibeMX M20 integrates the ODS (Operating Deflection Shapes) simulations in all its machinery databases. When you create a new machine you can select a 3D model from the clipart library and perform a 3D simulation immediately after making the route. As simple as that!

Create your 3D model in your favorite 3D software (3DS Max, Blender, Solid Works, etc) and import it into the software in order to make a custom ODS analysis.

Vibration Analysis Tools

DigivibeMX M20 is a system with a complete range of Vibration Analysis that allows the user to measure, maintain, correct and diagnose the vibration state your machinery. Is intended to be used by non specialized users as by users that not only are specialized but that want to learn even more about spectral analysis concepts as well.

This system makes the system much easier to understand and also to use. Here is an abstract of the available functions:

  • Predictive Analysis Tools
    • Machines database and routes
    • Bearings database with dimensions and working speed
    • Interpretation tools and diagnostic tools
    • Cascade spectra
  • FFT spectra
    • Parameters:
      • Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement, Acceleration envelope
    • Millions points spectrum resolution
    • Spectrogram
    • 3D spectra.
  • Advanced analysis functions
    • 3D ODS Simulations and Real Waterfall
    • Crest factor
    • BODE diagram
    • RPM vs. time
    • Amplitude vs. time
    • Bump Test
  • Dual analysis functions
    • Orbit analysis
    • Cross Power Spectrum
    • Frequency Response Function
    • Coherence function
  • Compatibility
    • ASCII files
    • UFF58 files
    • ANL BAL files
Advanced Analysis Functions

With one single record, DigivibeMX M20 can process any of the calculations available. This means that if you have already taken a spectrum and want another process (such as orbit, spectrogram etc.) you don't need to take a new record, it can be done with the same recorded signal.

Some of the functions that can be calculated by DigivibeMX M20 are:

  • 3D ODS Simulation Analysis
  • Real 3D Waterfall
  • BODE analysis
  • RPM graphic vs time
  • Frequency analysis (BUMP TEST)
  • Crest factor
  • Amplitude graphic vs Time Bump Test
Espectrums FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)

DigivibeMX M20 spectrums are calculated using the Fast Fourier transform algorithm, using a frequency range from 1 Hz to 10 kHz with an integrated antialiasing filter. The accuracy of the spectrum may vary according to the needs, and can reach almost any value.

The normal resolution with 5 seconds sampling is over 30,000 points, however you may take 1 minute to make a 400,000 points resolution spectrum. Sampling length is not limited to 1 minute, however it is important to know that the longer the signal is, the more requirements you will need in your computer. I.E. For a 5 minutes (2 million resolution points) length you should have at least 1 Gbyte RAM.

 photo EBAY_2CH_LT_LR_zps5e286afc.png
Kit Includes
  • 1 Accelerometer (2nd accelerometer optional see EI-ACC-MAG)
  • 2 Channel DAQ Interface
  • 1 CD "DigivibeMX M20: Vibration Analyzer and Data Collector software"
  • 1 Calibration unit
  • Connection cables
  • Soft Case and User manual
  • Version: Spanish / English
Try now DigivibeMX!
3D Waterfall Graphics

DigivibeMX M20 comes with waterfall function, that is a time-varying spectral representation (forming a 3D plot) that shows how the spectral density of a signal varies with time. In DigivibeMX M20 you can now enjoy the new Real 3D waterfall tool which can be easily created and rotates when dragging the mouse over the graph like in common 3D software.

Predictive Analysis Tools

The DigivibeMX M20 integrates a machine database in which you can set all your machinery organized by “Company” “Area” and “Name”. Each registry will store the name, number of analysis points, bearing numbers, RPM, coupling and even the picture. In case you don´t have any picture of your machine, DigivibeMX M20 includes a set of predesigned images that you can select according to your machine configuration.

The database allows also automatic printing reports from all measures inside the selected tree node. The reports are also configurable in order to show high values in Velocity, Acceleration and acceleration envelope.

The database is able to draw the tendency curve of the velocity, Acceleration and Acceleration Envelope from each point independently; this curve can also be generated in a Microsoft Word format.

The Acceleration envelope is the most truthful parameter to evaluate the bearing status. DigivibeMX M20 can also filter this parameter using any frequency in order to find the natural frequencies of bearing damage.

DigivibeMX M20 has a database with 3500 bearings with their natural frequencies damage as well as their whole dimensions and load features.

Performance And Diagnostic Tools

The DigivibeMX M20 allows the user to make predictive analysis of equipments that have been monitored with this program, for which it has diagnostic tools such as waterfalls and trend curves, with all these tools you may visualize the vibratory evolution of machine, in addition to the frequencies that may be growing or even appearing with time.

Dual Channel Analysis

The DigivibeMX M20 is capable of recording two simultaneous signals, this allows the user to compare real-time signal analysis, record ODS samples, Orbits etc.:

  • Orbit Analysis
  • Transfer Functions
  • Cross Power Spectrum
  • Coherence Function
2-Channel Interface
  • 3 Input connection: accelerometer (1), accelerometer (2), optical sensor (optional).
  • Selector button (Ch 1 / Ch 2)
  • Cable with USB connector (15cm)
  • Weight 127g
  • Dimensions (cm): 6(d) x 7.5(w) x 2.5(h)
  • Accelerometer
  • 3 Axes
  • Range: 1 - 8000 Hz
  • Power supply: 3.5 - 7 V
  • Output: 330mV/G per channel
  • Short circuit , Reverse Voltage and Over-Voltage protection
  • Protection grade: IP 67, III
  • Impact Resistance: IEC 60028-27
  • Weight 45g
  • Aluminum body with magnetic base

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