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WIL-MD055   MD055 Magnetic Base, 55 lb pull strength
WIL-777   Meggitt/Wilcoxon 777 General Purpose Accelerometer
WIL-MF040   MF040 Flat Magnetic Base, 40lb pull
MICHVALVE-Shipping   Michigan Valve UPS Ground Shipping
ELE-DT-TRI   Mini Tripod
CMH-B   Model B - Cone Mount Bearing Heater
CMH-C   Model C - Cone Mount Bearing Heater
MON-CA-4046-6   Model CA-4046-6 Accelerometer Input Cable
DWY-SLR-01   Model SLR-01 Handheld Solar Power Meter
CMH-Super   Model Super - Cone Mount Bearing Heater
MON-4280-152   MON-4280-152 Interface Cable for CSI 2130 Data Collectors
MON-5396-0305   MON-5396-0305
MON-6180-031   MON-6180-031, USB Programming Cable and PM Remote Software
MON-6180-040   MON-6180-040- mini tripod
MON-6180-069   MON-6180-069, T-5 Reflective Tape - 5 foot roll, 0.5 inch wide (2 pack)
MON-6240-041   MON-6240-041 Splash Proof Cover
MON-6280-024   MON-6280-024 Universal Power Supply/Charger 115/230 Vac with US and EU adapter
MON-6280-047   MON-6280-047 6' Accelerometer input cable, 1/8" (3.5mm) phone plug to BNC
MON-6280-048   MON-6280-048 Protective Rubber Boot
MON-6205   Monarch 6205 Palm Strobe X Pocket-Size Portable Stroboscope
MON-6235-011   Monarch 6235 PLS Pocket LED Stroboscope
MON-6280-037   Monarch CA-4044-6 6' I/O Cable 3.5mm phone to BNC connector
MON-DAX-115   Monarch DAX-115
MON-6109-010   Monarch Instrument PT99 Tachometer
MON-ACT1B   Monarch Instrument ACT-1B Tachometer
MON-ACT-3X   Monarch Instrument ACT-3 Programmable Tachometer/Totalizer
MON-6180-064   Monarch Instrument B-4 Four "AA" Rechargeable NiCad Batteries
MON-4280-136   Monarch Instrument Black Tuning Knob & Set Screw
MON-6280-034   Monarch Instrument C-4027
MON-1065-1218-002   Monarch Instrument CA-SPS12
MON-4180-132   Monarch Instrument CAGE200
MON-6280-CAL   Monarch Instrument CAL-N.I.S.T.
MON-6180-041   Monarch Instrument CC-1
MON-6180-042   Monarch Instrument CC-2
MON-6180-043   Monarch Instrument CC-3
MON-4180-146   Monarch Instrument CC-4 Padded Carry Case Pouch
MON-6280-040   Monarch Instrument CC-7 Plastic Latching Carrying Case
MON-6280-042   Monarch Instrument CC-9
MON-6180-038   Monarch Instrument Compact Smart Laser Sensor (CSLS)
MON-6180-077   Monarch Instrument CT-0.1M Linear Contact Wheel for Remote Contact Assembly
MON-6180-078   Monarch Instrument CT-TIPS
MON-6180-025   Monarch Instrument DIN Output Cable, 8 feet (2.5m) with 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) mono plug
MON-6180-023   Monarch Instrument DIN Output Cable, 8 feet (2.5m) with BNC plug
MON-6180-026   Monarch Instrument DIN Output Cable, 8 feet (2.5m) with DB9 (9-pin) connector for RS232
MON-6180-024   Monarch Instrument DIN Output Cable, 8 feet (2.5m) with tinned wire termination
MON-6400-011   Monarch Instrument Examiner 1000 Vibration Meter & Electronic Stethoscope
MON-6280-010   Monarch Instrument FR-3A Fast charger, 115 Vac - 50/60 Hz
MON-6280-013   Monarch Instrument FR-4 Fast charger, 230 Vac - 50/60 Hz
MON-1052-4248-111   Monarch Instrument Front Lens (with holes)
MON-1052-4245-211   Monarch Instrument Front Lens (without holes)
MON-6280-057   Monarch Instrument FX-249
MON-6140-Engine   Monarch Instrument Gasoline Engine RPM Gauge
MON-InfraredSensors   Monarch Instrument Infrared Sensors
MON-6280-038   Monarch Instrument Input/Output Cable, 1/8" mono plug to 1/8" mono plug
MON-6280-030   Monarch Instrument L-1903 Spare Lamp
MON-6280-029   Monarch Instrument L-1904 (2) Replacement Xenon Lamps for Palm Strobe
MON-6280-055   Monarch Instrument L-1920M
MON-1055-4242-111   Monarch Instrument Left Case Half (knob side)
MON-6180-012-15   Monarch Instrument M-190W
MON-6180-012-50   Monarch Instrument M-190W
MON-4180-403   Monarch Instrument Mag Amp
MON-4180-404   Monarch Instrument Mag Amp
MON-MagneticSensors   Monarch Instrument Magnetic Sensors
MON-6280-061   Monarch Instrument MVS-23
MON-6250-2612   Monarch Instrument MVS-2612
MON-6280-062   Monarch Instrument Nose Cover
MON-6280-039   Monarch Instrument NS Plastic Replacement Kit
MON-OpticalSensors   Monarch Instrument Optical Sensors
MON-1052-4240-113R   Monarch Instrument Parabolic Reflector
MON-6125-010-OP   Monarch Instrument PLT200 Pocket Laser Tachometer
MON-6280-017   Monarch Instrument PR Universal; Recharger, 100-240 Vac, 50-60 Hz, with USA, U.K., AUS, EURO adapter plugs.
MON-6280-015   Monarch Instrument PR115
MON-ProximitySensors   Monarch Instrument Proximity Sensors
MON-6280-023   Monarch Instrument PSC-4
MON-6280-032   Monarch Instrument Pulse Input Cable, 6 Feet-1/8" Stereo Plug To BNC Connector
MON-6280-011   Monarch Instrument R-115 Recharger 115 Vac - 50/60 Hz for DBPlus
MON-6280-014   Monarch Instrument R-230
MON-6180-060   Monarch Instrument R-5 Charger 115V
MON-6180-062   Monarch Instrument R-6 Charger 230V
MON-6280-060   Monarch Instrument R5 115 Vac, Recharger for BB Only
MON-6180-061   Monarch Instrument R5-B Recharger, 115V-AC; 50/60Hz with NiCad batteries
MON-6180-063   Monarch Instrument R6-B Recharger, 230V-AC; 50/60Hz with NiCad batteries
MON-6280-026   Monarch Instrument Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack
MON-6280-022   Monarch Instrument Recharger PSC-2U Universal 90-240 Vac
MON-3055-4243-001   Monarch Instrument Reflector Housing
MON-6480-035   Monarch Instrument Replacement Accelerometer with Cable
MON-6480-042   Monarch Instrument Replacement Carrying Case
MON-6480-033   Monarch Instrument Replacement Connecting Stud
MON-6480-051   Monarch Instrument Replacement Machinery Data Worksheet Book - 40 Pages
MON-6480-032   Monarch Instrument Replacement Magnetic Base
MON-6480-040   Monarch Instrument Replacement Noise Reduction Headphones
MON-6480-050   Monarch Instrument Replacement Owner's Manual
MON-1008-0501-002R   Monarch Instrument Replacement Potentiometer
MON-6480-030   Monarch Instrument Replacement Sensor Pak
MON-6480-034   Monarch Instrument Replacement Stinger
MON-1055-4241-111   Monarch Instrument Right Case Half
MON-6180-902   Monarch Instrument ROSM-5P
MON-6180-903   Monarch Instrument ROSM-5W
MON-6180-022   Monarch Instrument Smart-Laser Speed Sensor
MON-6280-041   Monarch Instrument Splash Proof Cover
MON-6150-020   Monarch Instrument SPSR-115/230 Self Powered Optical Speed Sensor with Universal Power Supply
MON-6150-021R   Monarch Instrument SPSR-IM Self Powered Sensor Interface Module and Optional Sensors
MON-6180-071   Monarch Instrument T-150 Reflective Tape 150ft Roll - 1/2" width
MON-6180-079   Monarch Instrument T-5WP Waterproof Reflective Tape - 5' x 1"
MON-6280-139   Monarch Instrument Trigger Cable
MON-1005-3102-003R   Monarch Instrument Trigger Switch
MON-6250-X400   Monarch Instrument X-400
MON-4280-151   Monarch Interface Cable for CSI 2120 Data Collectors
MON-4280-150   Monarch Interface Cable for SKF CMVA Series Data Collectors
MON-6230-011   Monarch Nova-Strobe BBL Kit
MON-6200-BBX-BAX   Monarch Nova-Strobe BBX & BAX
MON-6231-011   Monarch Nova-Strobe DBL Kit
MON-6200-DBX-DAX   Monarch Nova-Strobe DBX & DAX
MON-6230-010   Monarch Nova-Strobe LED Portable Stroboscopes DBL/BBL/PBL
MON-6232-011   Monarch Nova-Strobe PBL Kit
MON-6210   Monarch Nova-Strobe PBX Phase Shifting Portable Stroboscope
MON-6220-011   Monarch NOVA-Strobe VB 115 Kit for CSI 2120 Data Collectors
MON-6220-012   Monarch NOVA-Strobe VB 115 Kit for SKF CMVA Data Collectors
MON-6220-021   Monarch NOVA-Strobe VB 230 Kit for CSI 2120 Data Collectors
MON-6220-022   Monarch NOVA-Strobe VB 230 Kit for SKF CMVA Data Collectors
MON-6184-010   Monarch Portable USB Temperature and Humidity Probe
MON-6180-082   Monarch RLS-P, Rugged Laser Sensor, 3m cable, Phone Plug connector
MON-6180-080   Monarch RLS-W, Rugged Laser Sensor with 3m cable, tinned leads
MON-6180-083-   Monarch RLS24-P, Rugged Laser Sensor, 3m cable, Phone Plug connector
MON-6180-081   Monarch RLS24-W, Rugged Laser Sensor with 3m cable, tinned leads
MON-EXPEDITE   Monarch Same Day Shipping Expedite Fee
MON-6220-VBX   Monarch Vibration Strobe VBX Portable Stroboscopes
MON-6210-021   Monarch Nova-Strobe PBX Kit Universal
ECO-A0000663   Mono headset HSX 20 (non Eex)
NI-MSC-1015   MSC-1015 Multi Signal Calibrator
ECO-A0000295   Multi-Charger MC PMR 2000 US
NI-NID-1100   NID-1100 Rotor Speed Simulator
MON-6241-010-CAL   NIST Certificate for Nova-Pro Stroboscope
MON-6241-011   Nova-PRO 100 Kit, LED Stroboscope/Tachometer
MON-6241-010   Nova-PRO 100 LED Stroboscope/Tachometer
MON-6243-011   Nova-PRO 300 Kit, LED Stroboscope/Tachometer
MON-6243-010   Nova-PRO 300 LED Stroboscope/Tachometer
MON-6245-011   Nova-PRO 500 Kit, LED Stroboscope/Tachometer
MON-6245-010   Nova-PRO 500 LED Stroboscope/Tachometer
MON-6249-010   Nova-Pro™ Ultraviolet LED Stroboscopes/Tachometer
SKF-729106   NPT Nipple
SKF-226402-2   O-Rings
WD-35700-00   Oakton Hygrometer
MJR-OilView-Calibration-Set   OilView Calibration Set
MJR-OilView   OilView QuickCheck Analyzer
MJR-OilView-Oil-Sensor   OilView Replacement Oil Sensor
ELE-X-000-0010   One each of 3" & 6" Steel Cal Bars for Probe zero purposes
ECO-A0000902   Optical Probe for FCX 2000
INF-711-600-G1   Optional Whisper Transmitter
Toledo-Shipping   Order 34272 Shipping fee
Phillips-Groundshipping   Order 34333 Shipping
MON-6280-037X   Output Cable Phone Plug to BNC, 6 foot
CDI-Feltip-Paint-Marker   Paint Marker
MON-6280-043   PalmStrobe X Holster with Belt Loop and Battery Pouch
NI-PC-100   PC-100 Proximity Probe Checker
WIL-PC420VR-05   PC420VR-05, 4-20mA, Vibration Transmitter
WIL-PC420VR-10   PC420VR-10, 4-20mA, Vibration Transmitter
WIL-PC420R-10-EX   PC420VR-10-EX Loop Powered Explosion Proof Velocity Sensor
ECO AS000177   PCH 05 Data Cable
SKF-PHL-FM-10-400   PHL FM 10/400 SKF Belt Tension Meter Gauge
ECO-A0000657   Phone holder for X.COM 200 Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phone
ELE-PK2X-HLT   PK2X-HLT Padded-vinyl & leather belt-clip holster
6280-072   Plastic Carry Case for Monarch 6235 PLS Stroboscope
MON-6235-010   PLS Pocket LED Stroboscope
PMX-AC-201   PMX-AC-201 - Entek IRD 1500/1250 Analyzer Case
PMX-C-103   PMX-C-103 CSI 6' Straight Cable BNC To 2 Pin Mil
PMX-C-201   PMX-Entek IRD Coiled Cable 7 Pin Lemo To 2 Pin Mil Connector
IRD-E-48930-2   Polymate Analysis Software
PMX-C-701-706   Portermax BNC-Male To BNC-Male Shielded Cable 3ft up to 100ft
PMX-w111   Portermax Walk Around Extension Pole Extension Arm Kit
PMX-101   Portermax-101 Two Pole Magnetic Mounting Base
PMX-102   Portermax-102 Two Pole Magnetic Mounting Base
PMX-103   Portermax-103 Two Pole Magnetic Mounting Base
PMX-104   Portermax-104 Flat mount magnet
PMX-104a   Portermax-104a Flat mount magnet w/ arm
DEF-6000-FNS3   PosiTector 6000-FNS3 Coating Thickness Gauge Kit
DEF-200-B/Std   PosiTestor 200 Series Coating Thickness Gages
CDI-PB-MAN   Practical Balancing of Rotating Machinery
MDS-PrintCom-G2   PrintCom G2 Reporting Software for MA2 Motor Analyzer
SKF-TIH CP   printer circuit
MON-6180-013   PS-11 Two Wire Proximity Sensor with 6 foot cable.
MON-6180-032   PS-12 Three Wire Proximity Sensor with 6 foot cable.
ECO-A0000584   PTT Cable
ECO-A0000585   PTT Cable
ECO-A0000586   PTT Cable
SEF-KX-2550-TB   Pulley Partner Kit (Belt Tension Gage & Laser Pulley Partner)
SEF-KX-3550-TB   Pulley PRO Kit (Belt Tension Gage & Green Laser Pulley PRO)
ELE-0205TS-4   Qty 4 Reflective Tab Sheets 35 1/2" x 1/2"
ELE-0205TS-4-2   Qty 4 Reflective Tab Sheets 35 1/2" x 1/2"
WIL-R6W-0-J5A-10   R6W-0-J5A-10 Extension Cable, 10'
RAY-ST81   RAY-ST81 Raytek Raynger ST81 Infrared Thermometer
RAY-MT6   Raytek MiniTemp High Temperature IR Thermometer
RAY-MTAPK   Raytek Padded Holster & Pouch
RAY-ST20xb   Raytek Raynger ST20 Infrared Thermometer
RAY-ST61   Raytek Raynger ST61 Infrared Thermometer
RAY-ST25   Raytek ST25 AutoPro Infrared Thermometer
EXT-RD300   RD300 Extech Refrigerant Leak Detector

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