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PMX-ARB-103a   CSI 2115 (New Style) Analyzer Replacement Battery
PMX-ARB-A01   CSI 2130 Analyzer Replacement Battery
PMX-BC-A01   CSI 2130 SMART Battery Charger, BC-A01
PMX-C-105   CSI 6ft Straight Cable 25-2 Pin Military Connector
PMX-C-101   CSI Coiled Cable 25 Pin To 2 Pin Mil Conn. - Ltwt
PMX-C-102   CSI Coiled Cable 25 Pin To BNC - Ltwt
TPI-DC710C1   DC710C1 Flue Gas Analyzer Complete Kit
DEF PT-FM   DEF PT-FM PosiTest FM Gauge
DEF-200-B-PROB   DEF-200-B-PROBE, B Probe Only
DEF-200-B/Adv   DEF-200-B/Adv
DEF 200-B/Std   DEF-200-B/Std Standard
DEF-200-C-Std   DEF-200-C-STD, Standard
DEF-200-C/ADV   DEF-200-C/ADV, Advanced
DEF-CAL   DEF-CAL, Cerificate of Calibration (at time of purchase only)
DEF-Combo   DEF-Combo Ferrous/Non-Ferrous Gage Kit
DEF-DFT   DEF-DFT Ferrous Gage Kit
DEF-DFT Ferrous Gage Kit   DEF-DFT Ferrous Gage Kit
DEF-GEL-P   DEF-GEL-P, Case of 12 Each 4oz Ultrasonic Gel
DEF-IR-Printer   DEF-IR-Printer, Infrared Printer
DEF-POSISOFT200   DEF-POSISOFT200, PosiSoft Software
DEF-Pouch   DEF-Pouch, Leather Pouch with Belt Clip
DEF-PT   DeFelsko PosiTest Thickness Gauge
UP-DHC-2BT-TM   DHC-2BT-COMBO Bluetooth Headset and Transmitter
TPI-605   Digital Manometer Digital Vacuum Gauge
CMCP7500DR   Din Rail Mounting Clip
ECO-AS002795A   DS x10 USB Docking Station with Adapter
DSI-Handling-Fee   DSI Bedazzling Handling Fee
DSI-DS6840   DSI-DS6840 - 4 oz/120 ml Sample Bottles
DSI-DS6840-100   DSI-DS6840-100 - 4 oz/120 ml Sample Bottles - Qty 100
DSI-DS6840-200   DSI-DS6840-200 - 4 oz/120 ml Sample Bottles - Qty 200
DSI-DS6840-500   DSI-DS6840-500 - 4 oz/120 ml Sample Bottles - Qty 500
ELE-DTL-100i   DTL-100i Digital Torque Wrench
ELE-DTW-100f   DTW-100f Digital Torque Wrench
ELE-DTW-1200i   DTW-1200i Digital Torque Wrench
ELE-DTW-250f   DTW-250f Digital Torque Wrench
ELE-DTW-265i   DTW-265i Digital Torque Wrench
ELE-DTW-625f   DTW-625f Digital Torque Wrench
DWY-400-5-S-KIT   Dwyer 400 Series Air Velocity Meter Kit
DWY-920   Dwyer 920 Smoke Gage Kit
DWY-CA10   Dwyer CA10 Thermocouple Calibrator
DWY-CA20   Dwyer CA20 Thermocouple Calibrator
DWY-CAL30   Dwyer CAL30 Process Calibrator
DWI-DDM-01   Dwyer DDM Laser Distance Meter
DWY-EC-Series   Dwyer EC Series Conductivity Tester
DWY-EC1   Dwyer EC1 Conductivity Tester, 0-1990 æS
DWY-EC2   Dwyer EC2, 0-19.90 mS
DWY-EMMA   Dwyer EMMA Digital Multifunction Environmental Monitor
DWY-AFH2   Dwyer Model AFH2 Air Flow Hood
DWY-GDL   Dwyer Model GDL Graphical Display Data Logger
DWY-RLD1   Dwyer RLD1 Refrigerant Leak Detector
DWY-RVM   Dwyer RVM Portable Radar Wave Velocity Meter
DWY-TDS15   Dwyer TDS15 Replacement Sensor
DWY-UFM-1   Dwyer UFM Compact Ultrasonic Flow Meter
DWY-UPT1000   Dwyer UPT1000 Digital Hand-Held Universal Thermocouple-Process Indicator
DYT-4121   DYT-4121
DYT-5800B2   DYT-5800B2 Impulse Hammer
DYT-5800B3   DYT-5800B3 Impulse Hammer
DYT-5800B4   DYT-5800B4 Impulse Hammer
DYT-5800B5   DYT-5800B5 Impulse Hammer
DYT-5800SL   DYT-5800SL Miniature Impulse Hammer
DYT-5802A   DYT-5802A Impulse Sledge Hammer
DYT-5803A   DYT-5803A Impulse Sledge Hammer
DYT-5805A   DYT-5805A Impulse Sledge Hammer
DYT-5850B   DYT-5850B Multi-Range Impulse Hammer
DYT-6012A100   DYT-6012A100
DYT-6017a30   DYT-6017a30 - 5-44 plug to 10-32UNF 30ft cable
DYT-6019A10   DYT-6019A10
DYT-6020A165   DYT-6020A165 Cable
DYT-6114   DYT-6114 Cable Joiner
DYT-6187   DYT-6187 Magnetic Mounting Base
DYT-6190   DYT-6190 Magnetic Mounting Base
DYT-6196   DYT-6196 Magnetic Mounting Base
DYT-6199   DYT-6199 Magnetic Mounting Base for Model 3220E, high pull, 2-56 tapped hole 3/8 hex
DYT-6209   DYT-6209 Magnetic Mounting Base
DYT-6258   DYT-6258 Magnetic Mounting Base
DYT-6265   DYT-6265 Magnetic Mounting Base
DYT-6272   DYT-6272 Magnetic Mounting Base
DYT-6284   DYT-6284 Magnetic Mounting Base
DYT-6295   DYT-6295 Magnetic Mounting Base
DYT-6428a5   DYT-6428a5 - 4 pin MC connector to (3) BNC plugs, 4 conductor, PVC jacket for 3063B
DYT-6537   DYT-6537 Magnetic Mounting Base
DYT-6540   DYT-6540 Magnetic Mounting Base
DYT-E4121   DYT-E4121
DYT-HB5800BX   DYT-HB5800BX Impulse Hammer System
DYT-HB5800SL   DYT-HB5800SL Mini Impulse Hammer System
DYT-HB5802A   DYT-HB5802A Impulse Sledge Hammer System
DYT-HB5805A   DYT-HB5805A Impulse Sledge Hammer System
DYT-HB5850B   DYT-HB5850B Impulse Hammer System
DYT-2006V3   Dytran 2006V3 Pressure Sensor, 100mV/psi
DYT-3032A   Dytran 3032A Miniature Quartz Shear LIVM Accelerometer
DYT-3035BG   Dytran 3035BG Miniature Accelerometer
DYT-3059A   Dytran 3059A Low Cost, General Purpose Accelerometer
DYT-3063B   Dytran 3063B Triaxial Accelerometer
DYT-3148E   Dytran 3148E Accelerometer
DYT-3166B   Dytran 3166B Low Frequency Accelerometer
DYT-3166B1   Dytran 3166B1 Low Frequency Accelerometer
DYT-3176B   Dytran 3176B Low Cost Accelerometer
DYT-3176B1   Dytran 3176B1 Low Cost Accelerometer
DYT-3184E   Dytran 3184E Accelerometer
DYT-3187D   Dytran 3187D Accelerometer
DYT-3191A   Dytran 3191A High Sensitivity Accelerometer
DYT-3191A1   Dytran 3191A1 High Sensitivity Accelerometer
DYT-3192A   Dytran 3192A High Sensitivity Accelerometer
DYT-3202A   Dytran 3202A Accelerometer
DYT-3202A1   Dytran 3202A1 Accelerometer
DYT-3202A2   Dytran 3202A2 Accelerometer
DYT-3202A3   Dytran 3202A3 Accelerometer
DYT-6038A17   Dytran 6038A cable assembly
DYT-6080A30   Dytran 6080A30 30' Cable
DYT-6088A30   Dytran 6088A30 30' Cable
DYT-6090A30   Dytran 6090A30 30' Cable
DYT-6428A30   Dytran 6428A30 30' Cable
DYT-6455A30   Dytran 6455A30 30' Cable
DYT-6459A30   Dytran 6459A30 30' coaxial Cable
DYT-IMBOOT   Dytran Immersion proof boot
DTY-4114B1   Dytran Model 4114B1, Current Source Power Unit
DYT-4400A   Dytran Model 4400A, VibraCorder™
NEW-ACMOTORS   e-Learning AC Motors Training Software
NEW-ELECTRICALPRES   e-Learning Electrical Safe Work Practices (Presentation) Software
NEW-ELECTRICAL   e-Learning Electrical Safe Work Practices Training Software
NEW-GASKETS   e-Learning Gaskets and Bolted Flange Connections Training Software
NEW-LUBRICATION   e-Learning Lubrication Training Software
NEW-VIBRATION   e-Learning Machine Vibration Basics Training Software
NEW-MAINTENANCE   e-Learning Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Software
NEW-STOREROOMS   e-Learning Maintenance Storerooms Training Software
NEW-MEASUREMENT   e-Learning Measurement Methods Training Software
NEW-SHUTDOWNS   e-Learning Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages Training Software
SPM-EAR12EX   EAR12EX Intrinsically Safe SPM-Headphones for BC100
ECO-A0002752A   ECO-A0002752A Leather Case with Tethered Stylus
ECO-A0009001   ECO-A0009001 Spare Battery LR1 for the LED 30
ECO-A000900XX   ECO-A000900XX Universal holster for Lite-Ex 15, 20 & LED 30
ECO-AS050047   ECO-AS050047 Intrinsically safe mobile phone, Standard Battery, BlackArabic Keypad
ECO-48167   Ecom 481167 Smart EX-01 Charger with Safety Box
ECO-481785   Ecom Ex-MP4-A Intrinsically Safe Infrared Thermometer with Laser Sighting
ECO-AS001100   Ecom Ex-MX2 Intrinsically Safe Infrared Thermometer with Laser Sighting
ECO-482424   Ecom Ex-RSM Aurelis Wireless Speaker-Microphone
ECO-AS031044   ECOM TAB-EX®, SM-T365NNGAXARD02011004
ECO-480981-100180   ECOM TAB-EX®, Tab-Ex 01 Div2-Z2 SM-T365NNGAXARD0201100500
EI-ACC-MAG   EI-Accelerometer with Magnetic Base and 2 meter cable
ELE-DT-900-UP   ELE DT-900-UP - Digital Pocket Stroboscope Kit - with spare battery
ELE-DT-207LR   ELE- DT-207LR LED Contact & Non-Contact Tachometer
ELE-6000-F1   ELE-6000-F1 Coating Thickness Gauge Complete Kit
ELE-6000-F3   ELE-6000-F3 Coating Thickness Gauge Complete Kit
ELE-6000-FN1   ELE-6000-FN1 Coating Thickness Gauge Complete Kit
ELE-6000-FN3   ELE-6000-FN3 Coating Thickness Gauge Complete Kit
ELE-6000-FT1   ELE-6000-FT1 Coating Thickness Gauge Complete Kit
ELE-6000-FT3   ELE-6000-FT3 Coating Thickness Gauge Complete Kit
ELE-6000-N1   ELE-6000-N1 Coating Thickness Gauge Complete Kit
ELE-6000-N3   ELE-6000-N3 Coating Thickness Gauge Complete Kit
ELE-DS-2000LED   ELE-DS-2000LED LED Stroboscope
ELE-DS-2000LED-OT   ELE-DS-2000LED LED Stroboscope with external trigger input/output
ELE-PK1-TBE   ELE-PK1-TBE Checkline Replacement Flash Tube
ELE-PK2-8M   ELE-PK2-8M Checkline Triggering Cable
ELE-PK2-BNC   ELE-PK2-BNC Checkline Triggering Cable
ELE-PK2-FUSE   ELE-PK2-FUSE Checkline Cable
ELE-PK2-HLT   ELE-PK2-HLT Checkline PK2-HLT Holster
ELE-PK2-PHONO   ELE-PK2-PHONO Checkline Connection Jack
ELE-PK2-TRI   ELE-PK2-TRI ChecklineTelescoping Tripod
ELE-PK2X-AC-DC   ELE-PK2X-AC-DC Replacement Universal AC Adaptor/Charger (100-240 VAC)
ELE-PK2X-BAT   ELE-PK2X-BAT Checkline Replacement Li-Ion Battery Pack
ELE-PK2X-TBE   ELE-PK2X-TBE Replacement Flash Tube for PK2X & PK2X-OT
ELE-T-074-2906   ELE-T-074-2906 Spare Underwater Probe, 1/2"-5MHz Dual-Element HD-Coating Probe
ELE-T-074-9906   ELE-T-074-9906 Spare Underwater Probe, 1/2"-3.5MHz Dual-Element HD-Coating Probe
ELE-T-9441-2809   ELE-T-9441-2809 Spare Underwater Probe, 1/2"-5MHz Single-Element MEMBRANE Probe
ELE-6000IP   Electromatic 6000IP Series Intergral Probe Models
PMX-C-202   Entek IRD Coiled Cable 7 Pin Lemo to BNC-M Connector
ECO AS000171   EX-AMH-05 Spare Battery Pack
ECO-A0000287   Ex-EPM 02 Headset w/ PTT
ECO--480985-100000   EX-Handy 10, INT, Zone 1/21, Div 1 Mobile Phone
ECO--480985-100001   EX-Handy 10, NAM, Zone 1/21, Div 1 Mobile Phone - North America
ECO-PMR2000   Ex-PMR 2000 - Intrinsically-Safe Professional Mobile Radio
ECO-A0000280   Ex-PMR 2000 U
ECO-AS000280   Ex-PMR 2000 U w/ Battery, Belt Clip, Antenna (UHF)
ECO-A0000281   Ex-PMR 2000 V
ECO-AS000281   Ex-PMR 2000 V w/ Battery, Belt Clip, Antenna (VHF)
ECO-A0002802   Ex-PT 720 Liquid Probe
ECO-A0002916-0   Ex-PT 720 Liquid Probe for Tank Measurement
ECO-A0002916   Ex-PT 720 Stainless Steel Liquid Probe
ECO-A0002804   Ex-PT 720 Surface Probe
ECO-481073   Ex-Time 40 Intrinsically Safe 15" Wall Clock
EXT-EX840   EX840 True-RMS AC/DC Clamp/Digital Multimeter & Infrared Thermometer, 1000V, 1000A CAT IV
EXT-140001   EXT-140001
EXT-341350A-P   EXT-341350A-P Oyster Series pH/Conductivity/TDS/ORP/Salinity Meter
EXT-407026   EXT-407026 HD Light Meter
EXT-EX505-K   EXT-EX505 Industrial Multimeter Kit
EXT-RHT10   EXT-RHT10 Humidity and Temperature USB Datalogger
EXT-VIR50   EXT-VIR50: Dual Laser Digital Infrared Video Thermometer
EXT-96VFL13   Extech 1/4 DIN Temperature PID Controller with 4-20mA output
EXT-96VFL11   Extech 1/4 DIN Temperature PID Controller with two relay outputs
EXT-1122000   Extech 1122000 Pouch Case
EXT-1196398   Extech 1196398 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
EXT-1196700   Extech 1196700 Reporter 8.3 Software
EXT-156119   Extech 156119 117 VAC Adaptor for Heavy Duty Series

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