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DT6 Vibration Instrument, Basic model w/dual triaxial sensors
DT6 Vibration Instrument, Basic model w/dual triaxial sensors
Our Price: $5,595.00

Product Code: DT6-B


The DT6 was (and is) created with our customers in mind. Many of the recent additions to DT6 have come directly from customer requests. As a result, the analysis panel on the DT6 is packed full of unique features, as well as common “industry standard” ones. From entry-level analyst to seasoned veteran, the DT6’s analysis screen will provide you with the answer that you are looking for.

The DT6 simultaneously captures ALL of the raw vibration data from 6 channels, allowing the manipulation to take place on the back-end. No setup is required.

DT6 Vibration & Phase Analyzer-

Advanced Analysis/Diagnostics Panel

Analysis/Diagnostic Panel Features

Intelligent Suggestions & Phase Diagram Population

Intelligent Suggestions & Phase Diagram Population is here to save you hours in the field. Let the DT6 do all of the hard work for you. Our Intelligent, Phase Based Suggestions* Panel will indicate the MOST LIKELY root cause of vibration.

Using Phase, Amplitude & a Point System the DT6 can indicate whether Imbalance or Misalignment (together make up about 90% of source vibration) is the MOST LIKELY cause of machinery vibration. It will even indicate resonance or a bent shaft as a possible problem.

* This is ONLY a suggestion to indicate the most likely course of vibration. If overall vibration levels are very low, source vibration is NOT a problem. Suggestions WILL indicate misalignment or imbalance even on machines with small overall vibration levels.

Amplitude Plots

Amplitude Plots will provide the various peak amplitudes for the vertical, horizontal, & axial positions for any point on the machine for which data was collected.

Auto Phase Balloon Diagram Propagation

Auto Phase Balloon Diagram Propagation will automatically complete any phase diagrams for which the necessary data was collected.

Amplitude & Phase Animation (APA)

Amplitude & Phase Animations can help further understand or explain the source of the vibration. Animations can also make it much easier to explain the problem and justify the need for a solution.