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(Strobe Light, Strobo Scope, Nova Strobe)
Stroboscopes or Strobe Lights use a variable frequency flashing light to visually freeze the motion of a rotating machine shaft or other vibrating part to determine its frequency in Hz, CPM, RPM, Timing or Phase. Stroboscopes may also be triggered by a balancing analyzer to determine phase angle for adding or subtracting weights. Reliability Direct, Inc. offers a wide variety of stroboscopes for use in machinery inspection, vibration monitoring, and measuring speed (RPM), and frequency. We provide stroboscopes from leading manufacturers such as Monarch Instruments, Checkline, SKF, Extech and Ecom. Choose from battery or AC powered units, LED Stroboscopes, Pocket Stroboscope, Phase Shifting Stroboscope, Vibration Stroboscope and Intrinsically Safe Stroboscopes.

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Monarch Nova-Strobe DBX & DAX Checkline PK2X Pocket-Stroboscope - Ordering Page Monarch Nova-Strobe BBX & BAX
Monarch Nova-Strobe Checkline PK2X Pocket-Strobe Monarch Nova-Strobe
Brighter and lighter than ever the new Nova-Strobe X series sets the standard for high intensity multi-function portable stroboscopes.
  • 20% brighter than previous models - advanced switching power supplies run cool.
  • Battery models weigh less than 2lbs and run twice as long. All models are RoHS compliant (lead free)
  • Internal phase shifting allows the target to be jogged clockwise or counter clockwise in 5 increments.
  • One handed operation with the performance of larger models
  • Fast Charge Time and Long Bulb Life
  • External BNC Trigger Mode
The Nova-Strobe X series represents the latest in portable stroboscope technology. Both the bax and bbx are simple to operate, just point and shoot. Lightweight and bright with flash rates to 10,000 flashes per minute (FPM) and times 2 and divide by 2 buttons allow for differentiating true RPM from harmonics. A large dual line digital LCD it easy to adjust and read. The flash rate adjustment is quickly made with the tactile tuning knob. These strobes are light weight and comfortable to hold.
  • The bbx battery operated stroboscope weighs only 1.9 lbs. (0.8kg) and will run continuously up to 2 hours on a single charge.
  • The bax stroboscope is AC mains powered (115 or 230 Vac) and will run continuously. It weighs only 1.5 lbs. (0.72 kg).
Monarch Nova-Strobe LED Portable Stroboscopes DBL/BBL/PBL Monarch 6235 PLS Pocket LED Stroboscope Monarch 6205 Palm Strobe X Pocket-Size Portable Stroboscope
Our Price: $499.00
Monarch Nova-Strobe LED Portable Stroboscopes Monarch 6235-010 Pocket LED Stroboscope Monarch 6205 Palm Strobe
The Monarch Nova-Strobe LED family of rugged industrial stroboscopes provide an extremely bright, uniform light output for performing stop motion diagnostic inspection and RPM measurements. The twelve LED light source is extremely efficient which means long battery life and continuous cool operation. A wide operating range of 30-500,000 flashes per minute covers all applications. Pocket LED Stroboscope, Smart universal 115/230Vac recharger with
interchangeable wall plugs, manual and NIST calibration certificate
PALM STROBE X is the new industrial standard for high intensity, multifunction compact Xenon Stroboscopes. Unique one-touch joystick-type button allows single hand operation for fractional RPM tuning. Select mode of operation for internal tuning, external TTL input, tachometer display and memory recall functions. Includes NIST traceable Certificate of Calibration.

 Features Include:
  • High intensity, multifunction compact Xenon Stroboscope
  • One-Touch Joystick-Type Button allows single hand operation for fractional RPM tuning
  • External TTL Input Trigger
SKF-TKRS-10 Stroboscope SKF TKRS 20 Stroboscope Monarch Nova-Strobe PBX Phase Shifting Portable Stroboscope
Our Price: $1,255.00
Sale Price: $1,145.00
You save $110.00!
Our Price: $1,355.00
Sale Price: $1,151.00
You save $204.00!
SKF-TKRS Series Stroboscopes SKF-TKRS Series Stroboscopes Monarch Phaser-Strobe Kit
The SKF TKRS 10 is a portable, compact, easy-to-use stroboscope.
The SKF TKRS 20 is a portable, compact, and easy-to-use stroboscope. A remote optical sensor is included enabling the flash rate to be easily triggered, and also enables the stroboscope to be used as a tachometer.

The Nova-Strobe pbx incorporates all the unique design features of the Nova-Strobe family and has an increased operating range of 30 to 50,00000 flashes per minute, the highest available. It also has true external Phase Shifting throughout the complete operating range, based on a reference signal from an external sensor.
  • Use the slow motion mode (auto step) to view high speed events at user controlled speeds.
  • Times 2 and divide by 2 push buttons allow easy checking for RPM harmonics and allow stop motion far beyond the 50,000 FPM limit.
  • Store and recall up to 9 user selectable values. Last measurement memory, even with the power off.

Monarch Vibration Strobe VBX Portable Stroboscopes Checkline DT-725 Battery Powered Stroboscope ELE-DT-900 - Digital Pocket Stroboscope
Monarch Instruments NOVA-Strobe VBX Portable Stroboscope Checkline DT-725 ELE-DT-900 - Digital Pocket Stroboscope
The Vibration-Strobe (vbx) kit has an operating range of 30 to 50,000 flashes per minute. Is uniquely designed to provide precise, instantaneous synchronization to a number of data collectors and FFT analyzers triggered by an accelerometer.
  • Battery Powered Digital Stroboscope
  • Phase shift adjustment permits movement of objects to desired position for convenient observation
  • Accepts input from sensor for flash triggering
The DT-900Pocket Strobe? is a highly stable instrument
for taking non-contact RPM measurements
and inspecting moving parts
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