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Checkline LDT-1 Ultrasonic Leak Detector LDT Ultrasonic Leak Detector

The LDT Ultrasonic Leak Detector is designed for pinpointing air leakages, especially in noisy locations, where the leak is not audible by ear.

Our Price: $999.00
Sale Price: $925.00
You save $74.00!
LS-FCM Flash Control Module, A6-1050 LS-FCM Flash Control Module, A6-1050

LS-FCM: Flash Control Module for manual adjustment of flash rate, A6-1050.

Our Price: $135.00

ELE-14-1068-1   Check-Line 14-1068-1 Base Plate V-Grooved for Test Stand
ELE-3000PRO   Check-Line 3000 Pro Series Coating Thickness Gauge with Memory and Wireless PC Interface
ELE-65-29   Check-Line 5 Foot Roll of Reflective Tape
ELE-5Z10NDT-M   Check-Line 5Z10NDT-M Spare / Replacement Probe for TI-45N
ELE-BTM-400PLUS   Check-Line BTM-400PLUS Belt Tension Meter
ELE-CDT-1000HD   Check-Line CDT-1000HD Hand Held Tachometers
ELE-CDT-2000HD   Check-Line CDT-2000HD Combination Contact and LED Photo Tachometer
ELE-CS-5Z10NDT   Check-Line CS-5Z10NDT Centering Shell for TI-45N
ELE-DCF-3000EZ   Check-Line DCF-3000EZ Ferrous Coating Thickness Gauge
ELE-DCF-3000FX   Check-Line DCF-3000FX Ferrous Coating Thickness Gauge
ELE-DCF-3000PS   Check-Line DCF-3000PS Ferrous Coating Thickness Gauge
ELE-DCF-900   Check-Line DCF-900 Low Cost Coating Thickness Gauge - Measures Coatings On Steel
ELE-DCFN-3000EZ   Check-Line DCFN-3000EZ Combination Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Coating Thickness Gauge
ELE-DCFN-3000FX   Check-Line DCFN-3000FX Combination Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Coating Thickness Gauge
ELE-DCN-3000FX   Check-Line DCN-3000FX Non-Ferrous Coating Thickness Gauge
ELE-DCN-3000PS   Check-Line DCN-3000PS Non-Ferrous Coating Thickness Gauge
ELE-ESL-100   Check-Line Digital LED Stroboscope
ELE-DT-205LR-207LR   Check-Line DT-205LR / DT-207LR Contact & Non-Contact Tachometer
ELE-FH-4100   Check-Line FH-4100 Statistical Datalogging Plastic Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-FH-7200-7400   Check-Line FH-7200/7400 Series Precision Magnet Thickness Gauge
ELE-MiniTest-CS   Check-Line MiniTest-CS Data Transfer Cable
ELE-MiniTest-FP   Check-Line MiniTest-FP Foot Pedal Actuator
ELE-MX-5   Check-Line MX-5 General Purpose Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
ELE-N-306-0010   Check-Line N-306-0010 6ft RS232 (DB-9 to Lemo) Data Cable
ELE-P-25DL   Check-Line P-25DL Portable Printer for TI-25DL
ELE-PLT-5000   Check-Line PLT-5000 Pocket Laser Tachometer
ELE-977P   Check-Line Printer for DL Coating Gauges
ELE-SB-Series   Check-Line SB Series Steel Test Blocks
ELE-UT-044-2000   Check-Line T-044-2000 1/2" dia. 5.0 MHz high temp (650F) ultrasonic transducer
ELE-T-044-2000   Check-Line T-044-2000 Spare / Replacement Probe for TI-25M-H
ELE-T-101-2000   Check-Line T-101-2000 3/16" dia 5.0 MHz Transducer
ELE-UT-101-2000   Check-Line T-101-2000 3/16" dia. 5.0 MHz ultrasonic transducer
ELE-UT-102-1000   Check-Line T-102-1000 1/4" dia. 2.25 MHz ultrasonic transducer
ELE-UT-102-2000   Check-Line T-102-2000 1/4" dia. 5.0 MHz transducer
ELE-T-102-2000   Check-Line T-102-2000 Spare / Replacement Probe for TI-25LT
ELE-T-102-2700   Check-Line T-102-2700 1/4" dia 5.0 MHz Alpha Hi-Damp Transducer
ELE-UT-102-2700   Check-Line T-102-2700 1/4" dia 5.0 MHz alpha hi-damp ultrasonic transducer for through paint measurement
ELE-T-102-3300   Check-Line T-102-3300 Spare / Replacement Probe for TI-25M
ELE-T-104-0000   Check-Line T-104-0000 1/2" dia 1.0 MHz Transducer
ELE-UT-104-0600   Check-Line T-104-0600 1/2" dia. 1.0 MHz composite ultrasonic transducers
ELE-UT-104-1000   Check-Line T-104-1000 1/2" dia. 2.25 MHz ultrasonic transducer
ELE-T-104-1000   Check-Line T-104-1000 Spare / Replacement Probe for TI-25M-107
ELE-UT-104-2000   Check-Line T-104-2000 1/2" dia. 5.0 MHz ultrasonic transduce
ELE-T-104-2000   Check-Line T-104-2000 Spare / Replacement Probe for TI-25M-HW
ELE-T-174-2006   Check-Line T-174-2006 0.500"/5MHz Probe with rust-free stainless steel microdot connectors for use with Underwater Models
ELE-T-402-5507   Check-Line T-402-5507 Spare / Replacement Probe for TI-007
ELE-TI-007   Check-Line TI-007 High Resolution Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-007-GT   Check-Line TI-007-GT Precision Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge With Graphite Tip For Measuring Plastics
ELE-TI-007DL   Check-Line TI-007DL High Resolution Datalogging Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-25-UW-50   Check-Line TI-25-UW-50 50 foot Underwater Probe / Cable for TI-25M
ELE-TI-25DL   Check-Line TI-25DL General Purpose Datalogging Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-25DL-107   Check-Line TI-25DL-107 For Cast Iron and Plastics Complete Kit
ELE-TI-25DL-H   Check-Line TI-25DL-H Temperature Gauge Complete Kit (CF-2H High Temp Coupling Fluid HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
ELE-TI-25DL-HW   Check-Line TI-25DL-HW For Heavy Walls Complete Kit
ELE-TI-25DL-MMX   Check-Line TI-25DL-MMX General Purpose Datalogging Through-Paint to 1" Wall Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-25LT   Check-Line TI-25LT Economical Steel Only Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-25M   Check-Line TI-25M General Purpose Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-25M-107   Check-Line TI-25M-107 For Cast Iron and Plastics
ELE-TI-25M-H   Check-Line TI-25M-H High Temperature Gauge Complete Kit (CF-2H High Temp Coupling Fluid HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
ELE-TI-25M-HW   Check-Line TI-25M-HW For Heavy Walls Complete Kit
ELE-TI-25M-MMX   Check-Line TI-25M-MMX Standard Through-Paint to 1" Wall Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-25M-UWM   Check-Line TI-25M-UWM Underwater Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-25P   Check-Line TI-25P Programmable Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-45N   Check-Line TI-45N Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-CMXOP   Check-Line TI-CMX & TI-CMXDL Ultrasonic Coating & Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-MMX-SDL-OP   Check-Line TI-MMX-SDL Datalogging B-Scanning Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-MVX   Check-Line TI-MVX Graphical A & B Scanning Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-PVX   Check-Line TI-PVX Graphical High-Precision A & B Scanning Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-UMX2   Check-Line TI-UMX2 Underwater Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
ELE-TICC-M   Check-Line TICC-M Protective Holder for Ultrasonic Gauges
ELE-TICC-MVX   Check-Line TICC-MVX Protective Holder for Ultrasonic Gauges
ELE-USB-RS232-ADAP   Check-Line USB-RS232-ADAP USB to Serial Adapter
ELE-USB-RS232-ADAP-3000   Check-Line USB-RS232-ADAP USB to Serial Adapter
ELE-V-Block   Check-Line V-Block Transducer Holder
ELE-X-231-0000   Check-Line X-231-0000 1/4" x 3/8" Length Delay Line
ELE-X-241-0000   Check-Line X-241-0000 1/4" x 1/2" Length Delay Line
ELE-X-532-0000   Check-Line X-532-0000 3/16" Cone Tip Delay Line
ELE-X-533-0000   Check-Line X-533-0000 3/16" Graphite Cone Tip Delay Line
ELE-311FH-J   Checkline 311FH-J Spare Tube
ELE-721FH   Checkline 721FH Spare Flash Tube
ELE-DT-721FH   Checkline 721FH Spare Flash Tube
ELE-BP-725   Checkline BP-725 Spare Battery
ELE-DT-105A-107A   Checkline DT-105A & DT-107A Contact Tachometer with LED Display
ELE-DT-300CC   Checkline DT-300CC Carrying Case
ELE-DT311AOP   Checkline DT-311A Digital Stroboscope
ELE-DT311J   Checkline DT-311J Stroboscope - Limited to 1500 RPM
ELE-DT-315AOP   Checkline DT-315A Digital Stroboscope
ELE-DT315AEB   Checkline DT-315AEB External Battery Powered Stroboscope
ELE-DT-721 OrderPage   Checkline DT-721 Stroboscope AC Powered
ELE-DT-725-OrderPage   Checkline DT-725 Battery Powered Stroboscope
ELE-DT-700CC   Checkline DT700CC Carrying Case
ELE-DT700CC   Checkline DT700CC Carrying Case
ELE-PK2X-OP   Checkline PK2X Pocket-Stroboscope - Ordering Page
ELE-SAS-DT300-J   Checkline SAS-DT300 Swing Arm
ELE-TI-MINIMAX   Checkline TI-MINIMAX Bolt Tension Meter