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ELE-14-1068-1   Check-Line 14-1068-1 Base Plate V-Grooved for Test Stand
ELE-3000PRO   Check-Line 3000 Pro Series Coating Thickness Gauge with Memory and Wireless PC Interface
ELE-65-29   Check-Line 5 Foot Roll of Reflective Tape
ELE-5Z10NDT-M   Check-Line 5Z10NDT-M Spare / Replacement Probe for TI-45N
ELE-BTM-400PLUS   Check-Line BTM-400PLUS Belt Tension Meter
ELE-CDT-1000HD   Check-Line CDT-1000HD Hand Held Tachometers
ELE-CDT-2000HD   Check-Line CDT-2000HD Combination Contact and LED Photo Tachometer
ELE-CS-5Z10NDT   Check-Line CS-5Z10NDT Centering Shell for TI-45N
ELE-DCF-3000EZ   Check-Line DCF-3000EZ Ferrous Coating Thickness Gauge
ELE-DCF-3000FX   Check-Line DCF-3000FX Ferrous Coating Thickness Gauge
ELE-DCF-3000PS   Check-Line DCF-3000PS Ferrous Coating Thickness Gauge
ELE-DCF-900   Check-Line DCF-900 Low Cost Coating Thickness Gauge - Measures Coatings On Steel
ELE-DCFN-3000EZ   Check-Line DCFN-3000EZ Combination Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Coating Thickness Gauge
ELE-DCFN-3000FX   Check-Line DCFN-3000FX Combination Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Coating Thickness Gauge
ELE-DCN-3000FX   Check-Line DCN-3000FX Non-Ferrous Coating Thickness Gauge
ELE-DCN-3000PS   Check-Line DCN-3000PS Non-Ferrous Coating Thickness Gauge
ELE-ESL-100   Check-Line Digital LED Stroboscope
ELE-DT-205LR-207LR   Check-Line DT-205LR / DT-207LR Contact & Non-Contact Tachometer
ELE-FH-4100   Check-Line FH-4100 Statistical Datalogging Plastic Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-FH-7200-7400   Check-Line FH-7200/7400 Series Precision Magnet Thickness Gauge
ELE-MiniTest-CS   Check-Line MiniTest-CS Data Transfer Cable
ELE-MiniTest-FP   Check-Line MiniTest-FP Foot Pedal Actuator
ELE-MX-5   Check-Line MX-5 General Purpose Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
ELE-N-306-0010   Check-Line N-306-0010 6ft RS232 (DB-9 to Lemo) Data Cable
ELE-P-25DL   Check-Line P-25DL Portable Printer for TI-25DL
ELE-PLT-5000   Check-Line PLT-5000 Pocket Laser Tachometer
ELE-977P   Check-Line Printer for DL Coating Gauges
ELE-SB-Series   Check-Line SB Series Steel Test Blocks
ELE-UT-044-2000   Check-Line T-044-2000 1/2" dia. 5.0 MHz high temp (650F) ultrasonic transducer
ELE-T-044-2000   Check-Line T-044-2000 Spare / Replacement Probe for TI-25M-H
ELE-T-101-2000   Check-Line T-101-2000 3/16" dia 5.0 MHz Transducer
ELE-UT-101-2000   Check-Line T-101-2000 3/16" dia. 5.0 MHz ultrasonic transducer
ELE-UT-102-1000   Check-Line T-102-1000 1/4" dia. 2.25 MHz ultrasonic transducer
ELE-UT-102-2000   Check-Line T-102-2000 1/4" dia. 5.0 MHz transducer
ELE-T-102-2000   Check-Line T-102-2000 Spare / Replacement Probe for TI-25LT
ELE-T-102-2700   Check-Line T-102-2700 1/4" dia 5.0 MHz Alpha Hi-Damp Transducer
ELE-UT-102-2700   Check-Line T-102-2700 1/4" dia 5.0 MHz alpha hi-damp ultrasonic transducer for through paint measurement
ELE-T-102-3300   Check-Line T-102-3300 Spare / Replacement Probe for TI-25M
ELE-T-104-0000   Check-Line T-104-0000 1/2" dia 1.0 MHz Transducer
ELE-UT-104-0600   Check-Line T-104-0600 1/2" dia. 1.0 MHz composite ultrasonic transducers
ELE-UT-104-1000   Check-Line T-104-1000 1/2" dia. 2.25 MHz ultrasonic transducer
ELE-T-104-1000   Check-Line T-104-1000 Spare / Replacement Probe for TI-25M-107
ELE-UT-104-2000   Check-Line T-104-2000 1/2" dia. 5.0 MHz ultrasonic transduce
ELE-T-104-2000   Check-Line T-104-2000 Spare / Replacement Probe for TI-25M-HW
ELE-T-174-2006   Check-Line T-174-2006 0.500"/5MHz Probe with rust-free stainless steel microdot connectors for use with Underwater Models
ELE-T-402-5507   Check-Line T-402-5507 Spare / Replacement Probe for TI-007
ELE-TI-007   Check-Line TI-007 High Resolution Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-007-GT   Check-Line TI-007-GT Precision Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge With Graphite Tip For Measuring Plastics
ELE-TI-007DL   Check-Line TI-007DL High Resolution Datalogging Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-25-UW-50   Check-Line TI-25-UW-50 50 foot Underwater Probe / Cable for TI-25M
ELE-TI-25DL   Check-Line TI-25DL General Purpose Datalogging Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-25DL-107   Check-Line TI-25DL-107 For Cast Iron and Plastics Complete Kit
ELE-TI-25DL-H   Check-Line TI-25DL-H Temperature Gauge Complete Kit (CF-2H High Temp Coupling Fluid HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
ELE-TI-25DL-HW   Check-Line TI-25DL-HW For Heavy Walls Complete Kit
ELE-TI-25DL-MMX   Check-Line TI-25DL-MMX General Purpose Datalogging Through-Paint to 1" Wall Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-25LT   Check-Line TI-25LT Economical Steel Only Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-25M   Check-Line TI-25M General Purpose Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-25M-107   Check-Line TI-25M-107 For Cast Iron and Plastics
ELE-TI-25M-H   Check-Line TI-25M-H High Temperature Gauge Complete Kit (CF-2H High Temp Coupling Fluid HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
ELE-TI-25M-HW   Check-Line TI-25M-HW For Heavy Walls Complete Kit
ELE-TI-25M-MMX   Check-Line TI-25M-MMX Standard Through-Paint to 1" Wall Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-25M-UWM   Check-Line TI-25M-UWM Underwater Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-25P   Check-Line TI-25P Programmable Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-45N   Check-Line TI-45N Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-CMXOP   Check-Line TI-CMX & TI-CMXDL Ultrasonic Coating & Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-MMX-SDL-OP   Check-Line TI-MMX-SDL Datalogging B-Scanning Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-MVX   Check-Line TI-MVX Graphical A & B Scanning Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-PVX   Check-Line TI-PVX Graphical High-Precision A & B Scanning Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
ELE-TI-UMX2   Check-Line TI-UMX2 Underwater Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
ELE-TICC-M   Check-Line TICC-M Protective Holder for Ultrasonic Gauges
ELE-TICC-MVX   Check-Line TICC-MVX Protective Holder for Ultrasonic Gauges
ELE-USB-RS232-ADAP   Check-Line USB-RS232-ADAP USB to Serial Adapter
ELE-USB-RS232-ADAP-3000   Check-Line USB-RS232-ADAP USB to Serial Adapter
ELE-V-Block   Check-Line V-Block Transducer Holder
ELE-X-231-0000   Check-Line X-231-0000 1/4" x 3/8" Length Delay Line
ELE-X-241-0000   Check-Line X-241-0000 1/4" x 1/2" Length Delay Line
ELE-X-532-0000   Check-Line X-532-0000 3/16" Cone Tip Delay Line
ELE-X-533-0000   Check-Line X-533-0000 3/16" Graphite Cone Tip Delay Line
ELE-311FH-J   Checkline 311FH-J Spare Tube
ELE-721FH   Checkline 721FH Spare Flash Tube
ELE-DT-721FH   Checkline 721FH Spare Flash Tube
ELE-BP-725   Checkline BP-725 Spare Battery
ELE-DT-105A-107A   Checkline DT-105A & DT-107A Contact Tachometer with LED Display
ELE-DT-300CC   Checkline DT-300CC Carrying Case
ELE-DT311AOP   Checkline DT-311A Digital Stroboscope
ELE-DT311J   Checkline DT-311J Stroboscope - Limited to 1500 RPM
ELE-DT-315AOP   Checkline DT-315A Digital Stroboscope
ELE-DT315AEB   Checkline DT-315AEB External Battery Powered Stroboscope
ELE-DT-721 OrderPage   Checkline DT-721 Stroboscope AC Powered
ELE-DT-725-OrderPage   Checkline DT-725 Battery Powered Stroboscope
ELE-DT-700CC   Checkline DT700CC Carrying Case
ELE-DT700CC   Checkline DT700CC Carrying Case
ELE-PK2X-OP   Checkline PK2X Pocket-Stroboscope - Ordering Page
ELE-SAS-DT300-J   Checkline SAS-DT300 Swing Arm
ELE-TI-MINIMAX   Checkline TI-MINIMAX Bolt Tension Meter