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SPM Instrument

SPM-VIC-19 SPM Cable for Vibration Transducer (A/T30)
SPM-TRX-27 SPM Magnetic Foot UNF 1/4" - 28
SPM-TRX-28 SPM Probe for Vibration Transducer UNF 1/4"-28 LOA 2"
SPM-TRA-22 SPM Probe Transducer Assembly w/ Cable
SPM-TRA-30 SPM Quick Connector Transducer w/ Cable
SPM-TRX-10/11/12 SPM TRX-10/11/12 Replacement transducer

SPM-TRV-23 SPM Vibration Transducer, 1/4" - 28 UNF-Stud 5000Hz, max 30ft
SPM-VIC-10 SPM VIC-10 Extension Cable
SPM-VIC-11 SPM VIC-11 Extension cable
SPM-15962 SPM-15962
SPM-46019-10 SPM-46019-10ft Measuring Cable with Connector Assembly
SPM-46044-1.5 SPM-46044 Low noise VIB cable with TNC connector, assembled
SPM-BC100 SPM-BC100 Bearing Checker
SPM-93062 SPM-Cable Adaptor, BNC-TNC plug jack
SPM-93363 SPM-Cable Adaptor, Lemo-BNC
SPM-CAS-22 SPM-Carrying Case
SPM-TAD-10 SPM-Contact Adapter
SPM-TAD-11 SPM-Contact Center 1 1/4, RPM Short
SPM-TAD-12 SPM-Contact wheel for velocity measurements - m/sec
SPM-TAD-13 SPM-Contact wheel for velocity measurements - yards/min

SPM-LDF-13 SPM-LDF-13 Ultrasonic transmitter
SPM-Long Conical Contact Center Tip
SPM-CAB52 SPM-Measuring Cable LEMO to BNC
SPM-TAD-16 SPM-Reflecting tape for thin shafts- pad of 5 sheets
SPM-TAD-14 SPM-Reflective Tape, pad of 5 Sheets
SPM-TRA74 SPM-Shock Pulse Transducer
SPM-TEN10 SPM-Surface Temperature Probe
SPM-TAD-18 SPM-Tachometer Probe W/Cable
SPM-TACH SET SPM-Tachometer set for RPM
SPM-TEM11 SPM-Temperature probe w/handle cable
SPM-TRV 23-VIB SPM-Vibration sensor,cable magnetic base