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TPI-440 4,000 Count True RMS DMM with Waveform Capabilities Extech PH100 Waterproof ExStik pH meter Extech 406800 Differential Pressure Manometer (5psi) with PC Interface
Our Price: $399.95
Our Price: $99.99
Our Price: $199.99
TPI-440 Hand Held Oscilloscope Waterproof ExStik pH meter by Extech, used to measure the pH in a liquid. pH meters are used to measure, and test levels of acidity or alkalinity in water and other liquids. 406800 Differential Pressure Manometer (5psi) with PC Interface

6 Instruments in 1

  • Auto Ranging 4,000 Count True RMS DMM
    TPI's 440 has 9 measurement functions and 0.3 basic DC accuracy.
  • 1 MHz Oscilloscope
    View industrial power signals such as motor controls, UPS, switching power supplies, and PLC controls with detail and clarity.
  • Trend Mode
    Graph readings over a predetermined time period to check for surges or dropouts.
  • Component Test
    Check voltage-current signatures on capacitors, resistors, semiconductors and much more.
  • Logic Test
    Indicates transitions up to 2 MHz.
  • Frequency Counter
    Measure low frequency signals from 1Hz to 2MHz and display duty cycle, pulse width and period.

Built-in Smart Chip Offers Advanced Functions and Features to a Stick Style pH Meter Not Found Anywhere Else

  • The only stick style meter with:
    • RENEW feature that tells you when it?s time to replace your pH electrode
    • CAL feature that tells you when it?s time to recalibrate your meter
    • Flat Surface pH Electrode that is completely waterproof and rugged enough to withstand harsh environments
    • Analog Bargraph originates at neutral point (pH 7.00) to conveniently view trends in acidity or alkalinity
  • ATC plus measures Temperature
  • 1, 2 or 3 point calibration
Measures Gauge/Differential Pressure from 0 to 138 inH20 (inches of water)
With 0.1in H20 resolution
  • 11 selectable units with Max/Min recording and Relative time stamp
  • Compensated temperature range 32 to 122F (0-50C)
  • Data Hold, Auto power off, and Min/Max functions
Extech RF18 Portable Refractometer SKF-TKED 1 Electrical Discharge Pen Magnet-Ex 12 Intrinsically Safe Magnet Probe
Our Price: $109.99
Our Price: $925.00
Sale Price: $743.00
You save $182.00!
Our Price: $210.00
RF18 Portable Refractometers SKF-TKED 1 Electrical Discharge Pen Magnet-Ex 12 Intrinsically Safe Magnet Probe
  • Lubricants and Cutting Fluids
  • Measures 0 to 18% Brix
  • Easy to operate refractometers provide accurate and repeatable measurements on easy to read scales
  • Requires only 2 or 3 drops of solution
  • The prism and lens with a simple focus adjustment provides repeatable results
  • Resolution: 0.2
Unique, reliable and safe way to detect electrical discharges in electric motor bearings
The SKF Electrical Discharge Detector Pen (EDD Pen) is a simple to use hand-held instrument for detecting electrical discharges in electric motor bearings.
The Magnet-Ex 12 is an intrinsically safe pencil sized magnet probe, designed to detect magnetic fields in Ex-hazardous areas. For testing solenoid valves, relays, transformers and flow-meters in Ex-hazardous areas.
TPI-460 Dual Channel, 20Mhz Oscilloscope with True RMS DMM Extech MS420 - 20MHz 2-Channel Digital Oscilloscope Extech MS6200 - 200MHz 2-Channel Digital Oscilloscope
Our Price: $995.95
Our Price: $949.00
TPI-460 Dual Channel, 20Mhz Oscilloscope with True RMS DMM 20MHz 2-Channel Digital Oscilloscope 2-Channel Digital Oscilloscope
Technicians appreciate the bright backlight of the 3" x 3" cold cathode fluorescent display and rugged construction inside and out.

Includes the following:
  • Two Test Leads
  • Two Banana to BNC Adapters
  • One DC-60 MHz x 1 x 10 Passive Oscilloscope Probe
  • Power Supply and Instruction Manual
New with the 460:
  • Cursor Readout
  • Decibels
  • Pre and Post Triggering
  • cULus 3111

MS420: 20MHz 2-Channel Digital Oscilloscope

Dual-channel Oscilloscope with 3.8" (97mm) color LCD display


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