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Incorrect lubrication accounts for up to 36% of premature bearing failures. Even the very best bearing can only show optimum performance when it is lubricated correctly. Bearing greases specially formulated by SKF for your application help ensure smooth, trouble–free operation and maximum reliability even under the most extreme conditions. They help prevent contamination from penetrating the bearing, cushion any shock loads and protect against corrosion. Selecting the right bearing grease for a certain applications is essential for achieving the maximum service life of a bearing. Reliability Direct offers a comprehensive range of SKF Standard and Specialty Bearing Grease, System 24 Automatic Lubricators, Manual Dispensing Tools and Lubricant (Oil and Grease) Analysis and Testing Tools.
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OilView QuickCheck Portable Oil Analyzer OilView QuickCheck Analyzer

On-site oil analysis is an effective tool for finding contamination before equipment is damaged, detecting and correcting abnormal wear before more serious damage results, and implementing condition based oil changes.
  • The OilView® Quick-Check Analyzer is easy to use.
  • Test results are available in 1 minute and are easily interpreted.

Our Price: $5,295.00
Sale Price: $4,795.00
You save $500.00!
TMEH 1 OilCheck Oil Condition Meter TMEH 1 OilCheck Oil Monitor

Detects changes in oil condition

  • Shows changes in oil condition affected by such things as: Water content, Fuel contamination, Metallic content, Oxidation
  • Hand held and user friendly
  • Numerical read-out to facilitate trending

Our Price: $1,811.12
SKF System 24 LAGD System 24 LAGD 10 Pack Single Point Automatic Lubricators

  • 10 Pack
  • Pre-filled with Lubricant
  • Lubricants for All Applications
  • Adjustable 1-12 Months
  • 60 or 120 ml (2.03 or 4.25 fl oz.
  • G 1/4 Male Connection
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • IP68

VisGage Pocket Viscometer VIS VisGage Pocket Viscometer

Check the viscosity of any oil from light spindle oil to heavy gear oils

  • Test viscosity before taking delivery of incoming lubricant stock
  • Determine fuel or coolant dilution in diesel engine crankcase oils
  • Determine viscosity of miscellaneous lubricant inventory
  • Verify desired viscosity when blending bulk oils

4 oz/120 ml Sample Bottles DSI-DS6840 - 4 oz/120 ml Sample Bottles

4 oz/120 ml Sample Bottles.
Qty: 100, 200
Various cap colors

SKF One hand operated grease gun LAGH 400 SKF LAGH 400 One hand operated grease gun

Easy grease filling with one hand

  • Suitable for grease filling by filler pumps/grease pumps and cartridges
  • Ergonomic design, flexible hose
  • Mount the hose vertically or horizontally

Our Price: $100.03
SKF-TKGT 1 Grease Test Kit SKF-TKGT 1 Grease Test Kit

SKF TKGT 1, Portable grease analysis kit for use in the field

Our Price: $1,273.29
Sale Price: $1,195.95
You save $77.34!
SKF electronic Grease Meter LAGM 1000E SKF LAGM 1000E Electronic Grease Meter

SKF LAGM 1000E Electronic Grease Meter

Our Price: $847.18
SKF Grease pumps (18, 50 or 180 kg) SKF Grease pumps (18, 50 or 180 kg)

Meeting all your grease lubricator needs

  • Pumps available for 18, 50 or 180 kg (39, 110 or 400 lb) drums
  • Maximum of 50 MPa (7,250 psi)
  • Includes 3 - 500 mm (137.8 in) of tubing.

UP-201 Grease Caddy UP-201 Grease Caddy

Prevent Over Lubrication - A Major Contributor to Bearing Failure. Hear Your Bearings & Their Proper Lubrication LOUD and CLEAR Know when to STOP lubricating. Hear when the grease is being applied. Recognize when to stop greasing.
  • Prolong equipment life
  • Prevent over lubrication
  • Save on man-hours
  • Save on operating costs
  • Improve maintenance efficiencies
  • Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy is so sensitive you will hear when the grease enters the bearing and recognize when to stop applying lubrication.

Our Price: $1,995.00
Sale Price: $1,900.00
You save $95.00!
SKF LAGN 120 Grease Fittings Kit SKF LAGN 120 Grease Fittings Kit

SKF LAGN 120 Grease Fittings Kit

Our Price: $254.27
Ultraprobe 401 Digital Grease Caddy Ultraprobe 401 Digital Grease Caddy PRO

The Ultraprobe 401 Digital Grease Caddy PRO provides all the data you¡¯ll need to optimize your lubrication program.

Our Price: $5,495.00