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Bearing Tool Accessories

(Heat Resistant Gloves, Feeler Gauges, Connection Nipples, Etc.)

Shop for the accessories you need forbearing maintenance including connection nipples, couplings, adapters, hoses, plugs, vent holes and pressure gauges.

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SKF TMBA G11 Heat Resistant Gloves For Use With Bearing Heaters SKF TMBA G11 Heat Resistant Gloves

Heat resistant gloves

  • Lint free Heat resistant up to 150 °C/302 °F
  • Specifically designed for handling heated bearings
  • Tested and certified

Our Price: $33.46
SKF High pressure pipes SKF High pressure pipes

Maximum working pressure 300 MPa (43,500 psi)

  • Wide range of pipes
  • Transfer Oil at high pressure

SKF Feeler Gauge Kit - Set A SKF Feeler Gauge Kit - Set A

For accurate bearing clearance measurement

  • 13 blades of 100 mm (4 in) length
  • High accuracy of measurement
  • Supplied with protective plastic cover

Our Price: $72.94
SKF Hydraulic Pressure Gauges SKF Hydraulic Pressure Gauges

Hydraulic Pressure Gauges for SKF Hydraulic Pumps and Oil Injectors

  • Liquid filled and/or equipped with a restriction screw in order to absorb any sudden pressure drop and prevent damage
  • Safety glass and blowout discs are standard for all 100 mm (3.9 in) diameter gauges
  • All have dual scales (MPa/psi)
  • Covers pressures of 100 to 400 MPa (14,500 to 58,000 psi)

SKF TMMS Series - Tri-section pulling plate SKF TMMS Series - Tri-section Pulling Plate

Efficient and correct dismounting

  • The unique design of the TMMS series allows the application of force on most efficient point; the inner ring, and thereby requiring less force for dismounting than when pulling on the outer ring
  • The firm grip behind the bearing's inner ring ensures that the pulling forces are only transmitted through the inner ring and not through the outer ring or the rolling elements, preventing bearing damage
  • The tri-section construction allows even force distribution, preventing bearing locking and/or tilting on the shaft, especially in the case of SRB and CARBŪ, during dismounting
  • Suitable for use in combination with any three-armed puller
  • Special wig shape allows the plates to be easily inserted between bearing and the shoulder on the shaft
  • Available in a wide range, covering most common shaft sizes

SKF Connection Nipples For Hydraulic Tools SKF Connection Nipples For Hydraulic Tools

External to Internal Connection Nipples with Metric, NPT and G Pipe Threads

  • SKF provides a wide range of connecting nipples covering many different thread combinations and sizes.
  • All nipples have a maximum working pressure of 300 MPa (43,500 psi)
  • Nipples with an E suffix have a maxium working pressure of 400MPa (58,000 psi)

SKF Extension pipes with connecting nipples SKF Extension pipes with connecting nipples

Catering for difficult connection applications

  • Extend a high pressure pipe
  • Retain the pressured oil while the injector is refilled
  • Connect to sleeves with oil injection preparations

SKF Quick connecting coupling and nipples SKF Quick connecting coupling and nipples

For easy pressure hose connection

  • One coupling and two different nipples are available to connect SKF hydraulic pumps to the workpiece.
  • When nipples with other thread types are required, select an additional SKF nipple from the range to make the connection.
  • Nipple 729832 A is supplied standard with all SKF HMV hydraulic nuts.

SKF Flexible high pressure hoses SKF Flexible high pressure hoses

Maximum working pressure up to 150 MPa (21,750 psi)

  • Designed to be used together with the quick connect coupling 729831 A and nipple 729832 A on the range of SKF hydraulic pumps.
  • Hard marked with the year in which their life expires