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Bearing Pullers

(Pullers, Jaw Pullers, Mechanical Bearing Pullers, Hydraulic Bearing Pullers, Strong-back Pullers)

Bearing Pullers or Jaw Pullers are multipurpose tools for removing or dismounting bearings, gears, pulleys, propellers and couplings from shafts. Jaw Pullers work by providing a secure multi-point grip to the part being pulled to equalize the forces evenly and a screw or hydraulic jack center to provide the pulling force. SKF Bearing Pullers or Jaw Pullers are available in a wide selection of models including both mechanical and hydraulic models to make the job of removing or dismounting bearings simpler, faster and safer. Using spring operated arms SKF’s TMMA Easy Pull Series makes installing the Bearing Puller much easier. Bearing Puller versions are also available in Strong Back, Internal and Blind Housing versions. Be prepared for all your future bearing pulling and dismounting needs by purchasing a complete kit. For safety during bearing dismounting be sure to purchase a SKF TMMX Puller Protection Blanket.

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SKF TMMA Mechanical Bearing Puller Series SKF TMMA Pullers Series: Mechanical EasyPull Bearing Puller

Safe and simple bearing dismounting

Equipped with spring-operated arms and a solid design, SKF's patented EasyPull is one of the most user-friendly and safe tools on the market. Ergonomically designed, the spring-operated arms enable the user to position the puller behind the component with just one movement. The mechanical TMMA series consists of 3 (TMMA 60, TMMA 80 and TMMA 100) pullers differing in size and withdrawal force.

SKF-TMHC 110E Hydraulic Bearing Puller Kit SKF-TMHC 110E Hydraulic Bearing Puller Kit

Powerful combination of a jaw and strong back puller
The SKF TMHC 110E is a hydraulic puller kit, which combines a jaw puller and a strong back puller with up to 100 kN (11.2 ton US) pulling power. The versatile puller kit facilitates safe and easy dismounting in a variety of applications.
  • Unique combination of a hydraulic jaw and a strong back puller for use in various applications
  • High load rating of 100 kN (11.2 ton US) make the TMHC 110E suitable for use in many applications
  • Hydraulic spindle facilitates easy and quick dismounting, effortless generation of force

Our Price: $1,591.16
Sale Price: $1,486.74
You save $104.42!
SKF TMHP 10E Hydraulic bearing puller kit SKF TMHP 10E Hydraulic Bearing Puller Kit

Effortless bearing dismounting up to 100 kN

  • The SKF TMHP 10E jaw puller kit is equipped with a hydraulic spindle, which facilitates effortless bearing dismounting up to 100 kN (11.2 ton US).
  • The versatile puller kit includes three different arm sizes and
  • Can be assembled as a two-arm puller or a three-arm puller depending on the space and demand of the application.

Our Price: $1,617.88
SKF TMMP series - Standard Bearing pullers SKF TMMP Series - Standard Bearing Pullers

Versatile two and three arm mechanical pullers

  • Range of five different jaw pullers with two or three arms
  • Maximum nominal span from 65 to 300 mm (2.6 to 11.8 in)
  • Cone system for automatic centring and secure positioning of arms
  • Strong springs to keep arms apart for easy operation

SKF TMMP series - Heavy duty jaw pullers SKF TMMP Series - Heavy Duty Jaw Pullers

Powerful self-centering mechanical pullers

The SKF TMMP heavy duty jaw pullers provide perfect alignment and shaft protection as well as an exceptional grip for medium to large size bearings.

  • 3 arm jaw pullers with a maximum withdrawal force of 6 to 15 tonnes (13,500 to 33,700 lbf)
  • Unique pantograph system for grip width adjustment that counteracts misalignment during operation
  • Fast, efficient and smooth handling
  • Blackened, high quality steel with optimum corrosion resistance

SKF TMBS E series - Strong back pullers SKF TMBS E Series - Strong Back Pullers

Easy bearing dismounting even in the tightest spaces

  • Dismounting of bearings in applications where the use of traditional jaw pullers is restricted due to lack of space or where the application demands a long reach
  • Hydraulic and Mechanical versions available

SKF TMMD 100 Deep groove ball bearing puller kit SKF TMMD 100 Deep Groove Ball Bearing Puller Kit

Easy dismounting of ball bearings in blind housings

The SKF TMMD 61 is an excellent bearing puller for removing ball bearings in blind housings. The kit comes complete with 6 different arm sets and 2 supporting spindles covering 61 different bearings from 10 to 100 mm (0.4 to 4 in) shaft diameters.

Our Price: $1,189.77
Sale Price: $1,129.13
You save $60.64!
SKF TMMR F series - Reversible jaw pullers SKF TMMR F Series - Reversible Jaw Pullers

Combined internal and external puller

  • Both internal and external pulling
  • Puller for use in every workshop
  • Self-locking arms
  • Special safety neck avoids damaging of thread and arms
  • Extra hexagonal head on beam allows rotation during dismounting
  • Gripping range from 12 to 350 mm (0.5 to 13.8 in)
  • Also available as complete set on a stand

SKF TMIP series - Internal bearing puller kits SKF TMIP Series Internal Bearing Puller Kits

Internal Bearing Puller Kits, TMIP Series

  • Easy removal of bearings from housings, decreases the amount of time to dismount the bearing
  • Specifically designed to suit bearing bore diameters, making the selection of extractors easy.
  • Ergonomic sliding hammer facilitates ease of use
  • SKF designed, patent pending