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Balancing Instruments
(One Plane Balancing, Two Plane Balancing, Balancer)

RDI offers a selection of proven portable single and two plane balancing instruments for in situ field balancing. Vibration readings are taken at the machines bearings and filtered to 1x or the machines running speed. The vibration waveform is then compared to a Phase reference such as a Keyphasor or Strobe light to produce Phase Angle Readings for each measurement location. Weight is then added or subtracted at the appropriate locations on the machine to align the shafts rotating mass center-line to its geometric center-line. High unbalance levels (1X Vibration) shorten bearing life and extreme unbalance can cause catastrophic machine damage. Reliability Direct, Inc. offers quality portable balancing instruments ranging from the pocket sized Consultant Caddy to sophisticated two plane vibration analyzer/balancing kits.