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Oil Injectors

(For mounting and dismounting bearings, gears, couplings wheels and propellers)

Oil Injection reduces the force required to mount or dismount bearings, gears, couplings, propellers and railway wheels from cylindrical and tapered shafts that have been manufactured or retrofitted with oil ducts and grooves. The pressure of the injected oil which can be up to 58,000 PSI (400MPa) simply helps overcome the shrink fit allowing much easier installation or removal. Using the Oil Injection technique reduces damage and increases bearing life of bearings by decreasing the force required for mounting and dismounting. On larger bearings both Oil Injection and a Hydraulic Nut may be used together to achieve the optimal installation.

Please visit our Knowledge Base for more information on Bearing Mounting and Dismounting!

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SKF Oil injector 226400 series SKF Oil injector 226400 E

SKF 225400 E, 400 MPa - (58,000 psi) Oil Injector

  • For mounting and dismounting bearings
  • Supplied with an oil reservoir in a compact carrying case.

Our Price: $2,544.51
SKF 226402 Supporting Adapter Block SKF 226402 Supporting Adapter Block

Adapter block 226402

  • Cast steel block to which a pressure gauge and high pressure pipe can be connected
  • Floor support and a 90 degree connection nipple for the oil reservoir.

Our Price: $739.21