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Parallel Roll Alignment
(Roll Alignment, Parallel Alignment)

Reliability Direct, Inc. provides a cost effective, high quality, compact solution for verification of vertical and parallel alignment of two rolls. A green laser Line (10X brighter than a red laser) A laser line is projected from the RollCheck® transmitter to the reflector mounted on the roll to be checked or aligned. The laser line projected to the reference line on the reflector indicates immediately if the roll is aligned vertically to the stationary roll. The laser line is then automatically reflected back to the transmitter’s reference line indicating if the rolls are parallel to one another. This system is very easy to use; a single person can perform the alignment task in minutes with no training!

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RollCheck Mini roll alignment Seiffert RollCheck Mini

Laser Alignment Tool For Accurate Visual Alignment of Rolls
The RollCheck Mini laser alignment system for parallel roll alignment is lightwieght, compact and durable.

Our Price: $2,950.00
Seiffert SX-5150 RollCheck® Green Laser Roll Alignment System Seiffert SX-5150 RollCheck® Green Laser Roll Alignment System

SX-5150 RollCheck® Green is a visual tool to speed-up quick alignment checks and the replacement of rolls in the processing industry.

  • Green is 10x brighter than red
  • Reduces down time and product waste due to misalignment of rolls
  • Increases production with proper alignment of rolls

Our Price: $8,450.00