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Motor Testing and Condition

Reliability Direct Inc. offers portable instrumentation and supported software that perform Motor Current Analysis of Electric Motors and their associated circuitry in a safe non invasive manner. Motor Current Analysis can reveal problems in Windings and Rotors. Motor Current Analysis is typically used on Motors, Generators, and Transformers.

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SKF-TKED 1 Electrical Discharge Pen SKF-TKED 1 Electrical Discharge Pen

Unique, reliable and safe way to detect electrical discharges in electric motor bearings
The SKF Electrical Discharge Detector Pen (EDD Pen) is a simple to use hand-held instrument for detecting electrical discharges in electric motor bearings.

Our Price: $999.00
Sale Price: $729.00
You save $270.00!
TPI-SPD480 Phase Rotation Indicator TPI-SPD480 Phase Rotation Indicator

The SPD480 determines phase rotations on secondary potential transformers

  • Easy to operate - connect one lead to each phase.
  • Large alligator clips for easy connection to cables and bus bars.
  • Operates properly on variable frequency drives. Does not give false readings by pulsed waveforms.
  • Verify proper rotation on feeder extensions.
  • Determine phase rotation on secondary potential transformers.

Our Price: $149.95
Schleich Motor Analyzer 2 Schleich Motor Analyzer 2 with 3000V Surge Test & 6KVDC HiPot

The all-purpose MotorAnalyzer 2 is used for checking electric motors and
windings. It combines 13 different test methods within a user-friendly
and mobile tester. The combination of test methods,its compact design,
as well as the battery operation, turn the MotorAnalyzer 2 into an ideal
tool for on-site operation, especially in difficult applications.

Our Price: $12,860.00
All-Test PRO 34 Electric Motor Tester All-Test PRO 34 Electric Motor Tester

All-Test PRO 34 Electric Motor Tester with Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA) Basic Software - Single User

Our Price: $5,990.00