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Waterproof ExStik pH meter by Extech, used to measure the pH in a liquid. pH meters are used to measure, and test levels of acidity or alkalinity in water and other liquids. Extech PH100 Waterproof ExStik pH meter

Built-in Smart Chip Offers Advanced Functions and Features to a Stick Style pH Meter Not Found Anywhere Else

  • The only stick style meter with:
    • RENEW feature that tells you when it?s time to replace your pH electrode
    • CAL feature that tells you when it?s time to recalibrate your meter
    • Flat Surface pH Electrode that is completely waterproof and rugged enough to withstand harsh environments
    • Analog Bargraph originates at neutral point (pH 7.00) to conveniently view trends in acidity or alkalinity
  • ATC plus measures Temperature
  • 1, 2 or 3 point calibration

Our Price: $99.99
PH110 Waterproof Refillable ExStik pH meter Extech PH110 Waterproof Refillable ExStik pH meter

Waterproof Refillable ExStik? pH Meter with Rugged Refillable Flat Surface pH Electrode

  • Refillable pH electrode that can be reused by refilling the reference solution once it depletes
  • Obtains continuous high accuracy using fresh reference solution
  • Fast and easy steps to refill your electrode
  • Eliminates the concern of electrode shelf life

Our Price: $109.99
407228 Heavy Duty pH/mV/Temperature Meter Kit Extech 407228 - obsolete

Rugged PH Meter Plus RS-232 PC Interface For Datalogging

  • Dual display for pH or mV and Temperature (C/F)
  • Large 1.4" (36mm) LCD display
  • Easy 2 point Slope and Cal adjustments at pH 4 and pH 7
  • Manual and Auto Temperature Compensation using temperature probe
  • Min/Max/Avg, Auto off and Data Hold

DO610 ExStick DO/pH Conductivity Kit Extech DO610 ExStick DO/pH Conductivity Kit

User Friendly Kit Economically Measures 6 Parameters

  • Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, pH and Temperature + Dissolved Oxygen measurements
  • Supporting water, wastewater, groundwater, aquaculture and fisheries professionals
  • Kit Includes: EC500 pH/Conductivity ExStik? II meter with combination high accuracy multi-ranging Conductivity sensor, DO600 Dissolved Oxygen ExStik? II meter with electrode, replacement membrane cap, electrolyte, and polishing paper

Our Price: $429.99
EC500 Waterproof ExStik pH/Conductivity Meter Extech EC500 Waterproof ExStik pH/Conductivity Meter

Combination Rugged Flat-Surface pH Electrode with Autoranging High-Accuracy Conductivity Cell

  • Measures 5 parameters including Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, pH, and Temperature using one electrode
  • 9 units of measure: pH, S/cm, mS/cm, ppm, ppt, mg/L, g/L, C, F
  • Analog bargraph indicates trends
  • Memory stores up to 25 labeled readings
  • Adjustable Conductivity to TDS ratio from 0.4 to 1.0; 0.5 fixed Salinity ratio
  • RENEW feature alerts user when electrode needs replacement

Our Price: $159.99
ExStik EX800 Extech EX800 ExStik 3-In-1 pH/Chlorine/Temperature Kit

Chlorine, pH and Temperature measurements with all the necessary accessories
  • Includes CL200 meter, pH electrode, reagent tablets, 4 plastic cups, weighted stand, pH buffer pouches, batteries and carrying case
  • 3-in-1 Water Quality Meter measures Chlorine, pH plus Temperature with interchangeable flat surface electrodes (included)
  • Flat surface electrodes work in liquids, semi-solids and solids

Our Price: $219.99
EX900 ExStik 4-In-1 pH/Chlorine/ORP/Temp Kit Extech EX900 ExStik 4-In-1 pH/Chlorine/ORP/Temp Kit

EX900 ExStik? 4-in-1 Chlorine, pH, ORP, Temp Kit Complete Includes:

  • ExStik? Chlorine meter
  • pH electrode
  • ORP electrode
  • Protective sensor cap
  • 5 packs of 10 reagent tablets (50 tests)
  • 5 plastic sample cups
  • Weighted stand
  • pH 4, 7 & 10buffer packs
  • Four SR44 button batteries
  • Carrying case
  • Neckstrap

Our Price: $249.99
PH103 pH Buffer Solution Tripak, 6 each or 4,7 and 10 pH + 2 Rinse Solutions Extech PH103 pH Buffer Solution Tripak, 6 each or 4,7 and 10 pH + 2 Rinse Solutions

Tripak Buffer (6ea. of 4, 7, 10pH & 2 Rinsing solutions) Features:

  • Easy to use, already made fresh pH buffers for calibration
  • Helpful table printed on the pouch shows what the pH value should be vs. the temperature of the buffer solution measured
  • Rinsing solution used for cleaning off the pH electrode after taking the next measurement from a different solution to prevent contamination
  • Convenient pouch eliminates the need for a cup to store buffer or rinsing solution

Our Price: $30.99