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Accelerometer Mounting Accessories

Proper accelerometer installation is critical to proper operation. Poor installation will cause reduced mounted resonance frequency, ski-slope and erratic and non-repeatable measurements.  Prepare for proper installation ahead of time by selecting the correct installation products now. CMCP200 Series Mounting Pads will provide a smooth stable surface for the accelerometer to mount to. Our CMCP270 Counterbore Kit will prepare the machine surface for the mounting pads. RDI recommends stud mounting the accelerometer and pad to the machine but many users in the paper industry choose to use epoxy such as our CMCP210 Acrylic Adhesive or CMCP211 Depend Adhesive to attach the mounting pads. To make selection easier our CMCP250 Installation Kit will provide all the parts required for installing up to 33 accelerometers.

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CMCP250 Accelerometer Mounting Kit CMCP250 Accelerometer Mounting Kit

Accelerometer Mounting Kit Includes:
  • 25 Mounting Pads
  • 50 Mounting Studs
  • 1 Spot Reamer 1" dia.
  • 1 Adhesive and Activator
  • 8 Motor Fin Mounts
  • 2 Adhesive Filler
  • 12 Mixing Nozzles
  • 1 Silicone Dielectric
  • 1 Silicone Sealant

Our Price: $695.00
Accelerometer Mounting Pads CMCP200 Accelerometer Mounting Pads

Stud or Epoxy To Machine For Ideal Mounting of Industrial Accelerometers
  • 316 or 416 Stainless Steel
  • Magnetic or Non-Magnetic
  • Lapped for ideal mounting surface
  • Optional 1/4"-28 Tapped Hole
  • 1" Dia. x 1/4" or 3/8" Thick

CMCP220 Accelerometer Adhesive Mounting Kits CMCP220 Accelerometer Adhesive Mounting Kits

Includes all that you need to mount 10, 32, 64 or 128 Accelerometers!

  • 1/4"x1" SS Mounting Pads
  • Adhesive Bypacs
  • Silicone Dielectric
  • Piloted End Mills

CMCP280 API-670 Accelerometer Housing CMCP280 API-670 Accelerometer Housing

CMCP280 API-670 Accelerometer Housing

  • Meets API-670
  • Protects Accelerometer from Damage
  • Provides Conduit Attachment
  • Neoprene Gasket Provided

Our Price: $225.00
CMCP205 Accelerometer Motor Fin Mounts CMCP205 Accelerometer Motor Fin Mounts

Epoxy Between Motor Cooling Fins for an Ideal Accelerometer Mounting Location

  • Available in four sizes
  • 416 SS
  • Obtain accurate vibration data
  • No need to machine down fins

Mounting Adapters CMCP203 Mounting Adapters

Convert NPT Threads Into an Ideal Mounting Point for Industrial Accelerometers

  • Available in multiple NPT sizes
  • 316 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 1/4"-28 Threaded Hole
  • Obtain Meaningful Vibration Data

CMCP210 Acrylic Adhesive Bypacs CMCP210 Acrylic Adhesive Bypacs

For mounting CMCP-200 accelerometer mounting pads

  • Strongest and most resistant adhesive
  • 2-parts blended within the bypac
  • Enough for 2 mounting pads

Our Price: $15.00
CMCP211 Loctite Depend 330 with Spray Activator CMCP211 Loctite Depend 330 with Spray Activator

Cost effective mounting of CMCP-200 accelerometer mounting pads

  • 25-50 applications
  • -60F to 250F (-51C to 121C)
  • 1 Minute setup time

Our Price: $65.00
CMCP206 Adhesive Filler CMCP206 Adhesive Filler (50 ml)

Used for mounting CMCP-205 motor fin mounts

  • Cures in one hour
  • Creamy consistancy  for gap filling
  • Final bond resistant to weathering, humidity, and wide temperature range
  • Works on multiple materials

Our Price: $30.00
CMCP270 Piloted Spot Reamer CMCP270 Piloted Spot Reamer, 1/4"-28

Disposable piloted end mill / spot reamer for accelerometer mounting

  • Quickly prepare bearing housing with a 1" spot
  • Ensures true perpendicular mounting

Our Price: $225.00
CMCP-271 Indexable Counterbore Kit with Replaceable Blades CMCP271 Indexable Counterbore Kit with Replaceable Blades

Professional piloted end mill / spot reamer for mounting multiple accelerometers

  • Quickly prepare bearing housing for Accelerometer mounting
  • Creates a 1" flat spot perpindicular to the mounting hole
  • Replaceable inserts for long tool life

Our Price: $695.00
CMCP237 M8 Adapter CMCP237 M8 Adapter

Accelerometer Mounting Stud Adapter 1/4" x 28 UNF to M8 1.25

Our Price: $15.00