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Explosion Proof Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras

Introducing the World's First Intrinsically Safe, Explosion Proof Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera by CorDex Instruments

Ground breaking news hits the hazardous area industry, and many are not only surprised, but impressed! The NEW TC7000 intrinsically safe infrared thermal imaging camera from CorDEX Instruments now offers the means to inspect Zone 1, explosive environments as well as all other areas, using an infrared thermal camera.

Say goodbye to hot work permits, and continue inspecting the entire site with confidence. And not only is the New TC7000 the first intrinsically safe radiometric thermal imaging camera on the market, it comes with built-in RFID technology so all discoveries within the inspection can be tagged to a location and easily documented. The 13.5MHz RFID tag scanner allows all images with embedded measurements and voice annotations to be auto-linked to a location.

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CUBE 800 Intrinsically Safe Wearable Camera System CUBE 800 Intrinsically Safe Wearable Camera System

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FLIR IRW-3S, Stainless Steel Infrared Window, 3" FLIR IRW-3S, 3" Stainless Steel Infrared Window

FLIR IRW-3S, 3" Stainless Steel Infrared Window

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Sale Price: $414.99
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The TC7000 is ATEX and IECEx certified for Zone 1 IIC T4. Very low voltage and current are implicit in its high safety rating but CorDEX Instruments has achieved this without any compromise on performance. The company has considerable experience in designing and building hand-held NDT equipment for hazardous area operation and all this know-how is invested in this unique product.

Those in the petrochemical industry will be very familiar with Zone 1 environments. For this sector the TC7000 allows the regular scanning of hotspots of refractory linings, pipe and tank insulation, steam traps, electrical and mechanical systems. There are also many other industries where Zone 1 applies. These include the production or processing of grain, chemicals, sugar and similarly dusty foodstuffs.

The mining industry is naturally another prime market for this camera as is water and sewage processing and aerospace where jet fuel may be present. The TC7000 is also expected to prove popular in the marine industry and in particular liquefied natural gas (LNG) and other petrochemical carriers.

An Intrinsically Safe Thermal Imager may be referred to by many descriptions. An Intrinsically Safe Camera may be described as Explosion Proof, XP, IS or Zone 0 or 1. Thermal Imaging Technology may be referred as Infrared, IR or IRT. An Imager may also be referred to as a Camera. All the following are alternate descriptions for Intrinsically Safe Thermal Imager. Explosion Proof Thermal Camera. Explosion Proof IR (Infrared) Camera or Imager.