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Analyzers and Data Collectors
(Vibration Analyzer, Vibration Data Collector, Multifunction Analyzer)

To help you prevent costly machine failures and downtime Reliability Direct Inc. offers a variety of hand held portable Vibration Meter/Analyzer/Data Collectors in both single channel and multichannel configurations from noted manufacturer's such as ADASH, IRD, Benstone and Extech Instruments. Vibration Analyzers are used to perform FFT spectrum analysis on rotating machinery usually at bearing locations. They display, store and many print the resultant spectrum analysis. Data Collectors are used to collect vibration data from multiple locations across your facility usually by preplanned route. The data is then compared to previous readings and analyzed. Multifunction Analyzers can perform both data collection and analysis.

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TPI-9071 Smart Vibration Meter with external sensor TPI 9080 Smart Trend Meter SKF CMVL 4000-EN Wireless MicroVibe
Our Price: $695.00
Sale Price: $625.00
You save $70.00!
List Price: $5,357.83
Our Price: $5,387.83
Sale Price: $5,089.94
You save $267.89!
TPI-9071 Smart Vibration Meter with external sensor TPI 9080 Smart Trend Vibration Meter SKF CMVL 4000-EN Wireless MicroVibe
The TPI 9071 is a simple, easy to use, low cost vibration meter. Record, analyze and display vibration signals at the push of a button. Starting at $995.00
  • Vibration values displayed with color coded alarms
  • Alarm levels for ISO values and bearing damage
  • Full color OLED display
  • Easy vibration analysis
  • Built-in band filters
  • Three Kits to Choose From
The SKF CMVL 4000-EN Wireless MicroVibe collects and displays overall vibration
readings and automatically provides expert judgment of the measured
velocity and overall enveloped acceleration levels, enabling immediate,
accurate and reliable assessment of machine or bearing condition.
ADASH A4400 VA4 Pro, 4 channel Vibration Analyzer, Data collector, Balancer and Signal recorder IRD 258 Vibration Analyzer / Balancer iPad Vibration Analysis and Balancing System with VibePro7
Adash A4400 VA4 Pro for Vibration Monitoring IRD 258 Vibration Analyzer / Balancer Vibration Analyzer and Rotor Balancer for iPad
Adash A4400 VA4 Pro CMS ProBalance kit is a data collector and signal analyzer configured for all tasks of vibration diagnostics. It enables analysis of bearing condition, mechanical defects (unbalance, misalignment, resonance, looseness), lubrication, etc.

For Sale in the United States and Canada Only
2 Channel Analyzer and 2 Plane Balancer combines basic analysis functions and balancing capabilities into a single compact, lightweight, palm-sized package
  • Large, easy-to-follow, with graphical presentation, simple navigation and comprehensive clear information
  • Two simultaneous vibration inputs and a reference input for speed and phase angle measurement
  • Weight Scale included in standard package
  • Runs on a Windows® Platform

Polymate v1.5 Analysis and Reporting Software

VibePro is a vibration analyzer application that collects and
analyzes vibration signals to the iPad. The application allows the user
to take vibration readings and leverage the powerful iPad platform.
Unlike other analyzers the iPad allows users to work with a multitude of
apps that extend far beyond anything else in the market.
ADASH-4900-VIBRIO Benstone vPod II Smart Vibration Meter Extech VB500: 4-Channel Vibration Meter/Datalogger
Our Price: $3,495.00
Our Price: $3,899.00
Adash A4900 VIBRIO Benstone vPod II Smart Vibration Meter Extech VB500: 4-Channel Vibration Meter/Datalogger
  • Powerful machine health checker
  • Vibration measurements in acceleration, velocity and displacement
  • FFT spectrum, time signal and wideband values measurements
  • Expert system for determining of unbalance, misalignment, looseness and bearing fault
  • Built-in stroboscope and non contact thermometer
  • Bearing condition measurement, including slow-running ones
  • Insufficiently lubricated bearings location
  • For Sale in the United States and Canada Only
  • The vPod ll can download a pre-defined measurement route for mass data collection
  • The built-in review mode of the vPod ll shows the stored data
  • The patented G-Spike™ enables you to quickly connect to the detection probe
  • SMD (surface mount) production
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Input bias indicator
  • Backlit, high resolution LCD display
  • Average, peak hold and freeze modes
  • Selectable gain
  • Memory for storing up to 1,000 data
  • Review data mode
  • RS-232C interface
  • Route-Based collection
Datalogs and stores readings on an SD card in Excel® format

  • Large backlit LCD display simultaneously displays four channels
  • Selectable data sampling rate: 5, 10, 30, 60, 120, 300, 600 seconds
  • Remote vibration sensor with magnetic adapter on 39"(1m) cable
  • Wide frequency range of 10Hz to 1kHz
  • Basic accuracy of ±(5% + 2 digits)
  • RMS or Peak Value measurement modes
  • Data Hold, Auto Power Off
  • Complete with 4 remote sensors, magnetic mounts, 8 x AA batteries, 100-240V Universal AC Adaptor, SD card, and durable hard carrying case
Extech VB300: 3-Axis G-Force USB Datalogger Wilcoxon MachineryMate™ handheld vibration meters VibeRMS LT Single Channel Vibration System for iPAD Mini
Our Price: $209.99
Our Price: $2,995.00
Extech VB300: 3-Axis G-Force USB Datalogger Meggitt MachineryMate™ VibeRMS LT Single Channel Vibration System for iPAD Mini
Records and times 3-axis shock and peaks

  • Built-in 3-axis accelerometers record the time when shock occurs
  • Real time FFT Frequency and Time-Domain Vibration Analysis
  • Record storage, transport or operational data over time
  • USB interface for easy set-up and data download
  • Datalogs 112028 Motion Detection samples per axis, or 168042 Normal samples
  • Selectable X-, Y-, Z-axis or any combination (via software)
  • Selectable data sampling rate: 50ms to 24 hours
  • Manual and Programmable start modes
  • User-programmable alarm threshold
  • Long battery life
  • Complete with Magnetized/Bolt-on Mounting Base, 3.6V Lithium battery and Windows? compatible analysis software
MachineryMate's simple, easy- to-use meters record, analyze and display vibration signals for quick and reliable machinery health monitoring.

VibeRMS LT for iPad mini has everything needed to certify and create reports for a machine based on custom thresholds in acceleration, velocity or displacement. This single-channel system is sold calibrated and ready to use out of the box.
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