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SPM-BC100 Bearing Checker
SPM-BC100 Bearing Checker
Our Price: $1,995.00

Product Code: SPM-BC100

Bearing Monitoring Made Easy!The Bearing Checker is a handheld, pocket-size, user friendly instrument for fast and easy measurement of bearing condition in preventive maintenance. Bearing Checker measures shock pulses with a built-in probe and machine surface temperature with an infrared sensor. It can also be used as an electronic stethoscope for detecting machine sound irregularities.
  • Built-in sensors make Bearing Checker a durable and multifunctional instrument.
  • Using the Shock Pulse Method, Bearing Checker measures the condition of ball and roller bearings.
  • An infrared temperature sensor allows concurrent measurement of surface temperature.
  • The instrument also has an electronic stethoscope function for detecting machine sound irregularities.
  • Measurement results in green, yellow and red give an instant and reliable indication of equipment condition in an easy-to-understand way. Up to 10 readings can be stored and easily retrieved.
  • Bearing Checker has connectors for ear phones and external probes.
  • When not in use, automatic power off conserves battery power. When switched back on, Bearing Checker resumes its last mode. Bearing Monitoring Made Easy!
Modern industrial maintenance requires informed decisions on measures to optimize equipment and component performance. Timely failure prediction and detection is key to cutting operating costs. Machine breakdowns are frequently caused by bearing damage. Unplanned downtime, as well as unnecessary repair work, can be significantly reduced by periodically checking bearing condition.
Basic bearing checking
  1. Set up the machines properties
    machine properties

    For a reading of bearing condition with Bearing Checker, you need the initial value, dBi (decibel initial). The dBi is calculated by inputting the rpm and shaft diameter into the instrument. It constitutes the starting point of the condition scale for a particular bearing.

  2. Measure on an appropriate measuring point
    measuring point
    • The signal path between bearing and measuring point shall be as short and straight as possible.
    • The signal path must contain only one mechanical interface: that between bearing and bearing housing.
    • The measuring point shall be located in the load zone of the bearing.

  3. Evaluate the measuring result

    There are only two situations where an evaluation is necessary: after initial readings when you first start with bearing monitoring, and when you notice a change in the readings (or get high readings from the start).
Always remember that
  • some machines can contain many types of shock pulse sources other than the bearing, and
  • there can be a number of different causes for bad bearing condition other than damage.

Bearing CheckerEvaluation requires only normal care and common sense. Use the probe transducer and the headphone, and also use your senses: look, touch, listen. By being thorough you can avoid raising false alarms or missing damaged bearings. By regular shock pulse measurement, the development of damage can be monitored and the machine failure can be predicted. Experience shows, that by gaining control of bearing damage through shock pulse measurement, you can greatly reduce unplanned downtime and unnecessary repair work of bearings that are in good condition. The Bearing Checker is the ideal tool for maintenance technicians, plant operations, and millwrights.

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