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Extending Oil Drain Intervals of your Fleet Vehicles
Last Updated: 08/29/2012

Extending Oil Drain Intervals of your Fleet Vehicles

How does the US Military extend drain intervals in their motor pool fleet? One valuable asset in their quiver of condition monitoring tools is the SKF TMEH 1 OilCheck Portable Oil Condition Monitor.

The SKF TMEH 1 is a portable instrument that displays immediate information on the oil condition, which in many cases makes a lengthy laboratory investigation unnecessary. The unit measures the changes in dielectric constant of the oil. By comparing the measurements obtained from used and unused oils of the same type and brand, the oil check monitor is able to determine the degree of change in the condition of the oil. Dielectric change is directly related to the degradation and the contamination level of the oil and will allow the user to achieve optimized intervals between oil changes and detect increased mechanical wear and loss of the oilís lubricating properties. To facilitate trending the instrument is equipped with a numerical read-out.

Shows changes in oil condition affected by such things as:

  • Water content
  • Fuel contamination
  • Metallic content
  • Oxidation
  • Hand held and user friendly
  • Numerical read-out to facilitate trending
  • Can store calibration (good oil) to memory

The SKF TMEH 1 OilCheck was developed for engine oils but is also suitable for gear and lubrication oils.

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