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Technical Note 101 Multimeter Batteries and Fuses
Last Updated: 08/18/2013
Most Plants have a internal source of batteries for Multimeters which are usually some mixture of 1.5 VDC AA, AAA and 9 Volt. Always use quality batteries as leakage can damage your instrument. Although more costly Alkaline and Lithium Batteries will provide far superior service life.

Fuses such as A104 and A110 can be more difficult to locate as they may not be in stock at the plant. Fuses are used on the “Current” side of the Multimeter and are designed to protect the Multimeter from overload. These are easier to blow and when the current or amperage section of your multimeter is not functioning properly it is usually a blown fuse. Actual part number can be found on the existing fuses or product manual. They can also be cross referenced to several different manufactures part numbers.

Batteries and Fuses in most cases can be purchased from local electronic shops  such as Radio Shack. They can also be purchased from the Electronic Distributors listed below. Save yourself some future trouble and purchase a few spares at the same time.

Radio Shack
Allied Electronics
Newark Electronics

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