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Condition Calculator 4.0
Condition Calculator 4.0
Our Price: $395.00

Product Code: BJM-CC4

NEW Condition Calculator 4.0
NEW Easy-to-Use User Interface
  • Single page for both Data Entry & Analysis
  • Simply tupe in and store your test results quickly
    • Motor ID, Test Date, Phase Test Results, plus enter results from the AT31's unique rotor test, EMI Test and phase balance test!
NEW Easy-to-Read Report
  • Report shows Test Values & Findings
    • Findings will state condition of the 3-phase winding
    • Report lists phase unbalances for user review
    • Easy to read report format
NEW Data Export
  • Via Comma Separated Variable File (.csv)
NEW Condition Calculator makes it a Breeze to analyze potential faults. Enter the test results into your PC and it gives you an answer every time!