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FLIR IRW-3C - 3" Infrared Inspection Window
3" Infrared Inspection Window
Our Price: $299.99

Product Code: EXT-IRW-3C


The FLIR IRW-3C 3 in. Infrared (IR) Inspection Window features a secure, permanently-hinged cover that opens easily with one hand, which means there's nothing to remove, drop, mix up, or lose. FLIR's broadband crystal allows cameras to capture visible light pictures as well as thermal images and lets LED and laser illumination pass straight through for clearer visual assessments.

Opening electrical cabinets to perform IR and visual inspections of live components is dangerous work, exposing you to the risk of a hazardous arc flash incident. Out of necessity, it's also a painstaking, time-consuming process. Now you can put the added safety FLIR's IR Window between you and energized equipment to better protect yourself and eliminate the need for opening enclosures. The IRW-3C IR window helps you work faster with greater confidence. Perform inspections more efficiently and reduce the threat of arc flash injury significantly so you can get more done and stay in compliance with NFPA 70E requirements.

Product Features:

  • Only one hole to create for each window
  • One simple PIRma-Lock ring nut to tighten
  • Uses standard US punch tools for hole knockouts
  • Teeth lock tight to the inside of the panel
  • Automatically grounds metal components
  • No screw holes required that might later strip out
  • Easy, flip-open hatch for faster scans
  • Prevents dropping, mix-ups, and loss
  • Inside label for permanent identifi cation
  • Transmits short, mid and longwave IR images
  • Supports visual inspections and fusion features
  • Lets laser pointers and illumination shine through
  • Requires only one person instead of three
  • Can reduce or eliminate need for cumbersome PPE
  • Helps reduce vast majority of arc fl ash triggers
  • Meets relevant UL, CSA, IEC, and IEEE standards/ratings
  • Tested samples withstood arcs, vibration, and extreme humidity
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects

General Specifications
NEMA Environment TypeType 4/12 (outdoor/indoor)
Voltage RangeAny
Automatically GroundedYes
Maximum Operating Temperature500F (260C)
Body MaterialAnodized aluminum
Gasket MaterialSilicone
Hardware MaterialSteel
Compatable with All FLIR CamerasYes
PIRma-Lock Installation SystemYes
Cover and Fastener Permanently AttachedYes
Single-Hole InstallationYes
Thumb Screw and Safety Screw IncludedYes
Broadband IR: Short-, Mid-, and Long-WaveYes
Visible Light SpectrumYes
Picture-in-Picture and Fusion Image BlendingYes
Size Specifications
Overall Height4.22 in. (107.4mm)
Overall Width3.89 in. (99mm)
Overall Thickness1.05 in. (26.86mm)
Required Actual Hole Diameter (Nominal)3 1/2 in. (88.9mm)
Greenlee Punch739BB
Recommended Panel ThicknessUp to 1/8 in. (3.2mm)
Maximum Panel Thickness3/16 in. (4.76mm)
Optic Specifications
Optic MaterialCalcium fluoride
Optic Diameter2.95 in. (75mm)
Viewing Aperture Diameter2.71 in. (69mm)
Viewing Aperture Area5.79 in. (3739mm)
Optic Maximum Temperature2474F (1355.6C)
Ratings and Testing
UL Component Recognition (UL 50V)Yes
UL 50 / NEMA Environment RatingType 4/12
CSA Certification, Product Class3211 07Yes
Arc Flash Testing, IEC 62271-200 (KEMA)5kV, 63kA for 30 cycles at 60 Hz
IP Rating, IEC 60529 (TUV)IP67
Vibration Testing, IEC 60068-2-6 (TUV)100 m/s^2 vibration withstand
Vibration Testing, IEC 60068-2-6 (TUV)Extreme humidity withstand
Mechanical Testing, ANSI/IEEE C37.20.2 section A3.6 (TUV)Impact and load resistant cover
Maximum Pullout Strength3650 lbs. (1655 kg)

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