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Comparing Vibration Readings
Comparing Vibration Readings Comparing vibration level readings taken by different types of instruments and transducers can be very confusing and can lead to mistrust of the systems involve
Fault Detection / OK Circuits
Fault Detection / OK Circuits Over the years, two methods of vibration transducer fault detection have become prominent: OK Circuits and Fault Detection Circuits. The objective of b
Tool Selection for Bearings
Mounting Bearings Prevent 16% of premature bearing failure Around 16% of all premature bearing failures are caused by poor fitting, usually using brute force, and being unaware of the availability
Interpretation of the International Standard ISO 10816-3
Part 3: Industrial machines with normal power above 15kW and nominal speeds between 120 and 15,000 RPM when measured in situ. Second Edition 2009-02-01 Classification according to machine type, rated